“Community Policing:Better Relationships or Better Surveillance?” By Dionne Molloy

Thanks Ashley M. for sharing this great article:

I just had to share Dionne Molloy’s article written for The Volcano, you can go here to read from source:


Here are more photo’s of police taking photo’s of us while at No Olympics On Stolen Native Land convergence during Olympics, this was tent city day.

IMG_0816 IMG_0818

Here are police in Victoria on roof of police station in Viktoria during a POLICE OUT OF HEALTHCARE rally, after the OlymPIGS!


I thought Dionne’s article was timely as many here in Viktoria work on finishing our

*City of Victoria: Community Action Plan – Discrimination (CAP-D)                            Briefing Paper on Policing Services provided by the Victoria Police Department (VicPD)

We move forward for change, cause we know more and more we are the only ones who can make a difference, we have got to take our security culture back!  Our Police Chief is still under the thumb of Harper, do not forget that all over Kanada!



To Read Full Article.

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My Health

Well, just got back from lung specialist Dr. Heather Clarke extraordinaire and have some good news:

The pneumonia is cleared!  I’ve also been using pleurisy root since I heard I had a hole as a result of blood not getting thru pneumonia and a part of my lower lung went necro; the hole is gone!  Thanks to my friend Ivonna Rumble for that one!

I was however given a strict set of guidelines till end of August:

REST REST REST!  Back in the day it took a year to heal from this, nowadays we think as soon as it’s cleared, we can go back to same old same old.

I have to go to the dentist and get the tooth pulled which was infected badly last year summer, the one which caused the lung infection as it dripped down into my lung while I slept, I was unaware I had walking pneumonia for, what she feels was possibly 8 months before diagnosis!  Thus the two week hospital.  I am grateful for the nurses of Ward 8 North, you folks really were all wonderful, helped me a lot.  Nurses can use our support as well, as administrators are traitors to health care at this time, in BC anyways, folks, we got some protesting work to do if we really want health care!

She repeated REST REST REST and take care of the teeth.  She even called my general practitioner to insure I get in and get that bad one pulled asap.  Turns out, I got a hold of Cool Aid just an hour ago, the woman who answered heard my story and got me in this Thursday! DOH!  Anybody want to drive me?  I got to be there 0940 am, I don’t think I should drive or ride my bike, as I believe it’s gonna be gross and make me head light!


I still have thrush / yeast and, it’s going to take a few more months for that to completely heal, I have been impatient iwth that one and am grateful for the folks who are helping me purchase Kefir drinks for daily use and continue to help me with my needs to continue to double the acidophilus as well!  I am happy to announce I still no longer smoke tobacco thanks to the Quit Now program!

I cannot travel until September as far as flying etc.., thank goodness since I was most honored to be asked to speak at a conference in Toronto.

On behalf of Raising the Roof, I was asked to come and speak about my early homeless experience for the Child & Family Homelessness Stakeholder Summit being held in Toronto on September 17, 2015. At the summit, they will be discussing and disseminating the preliminary findings of their Child & Family Homelessness Initiative.

I am keen to hear about their findings, and, not to give away my short talk but, I hope that, what I share about how Social Housing, a Guaranteed Livable Income and decriminalisation of illicit drugs could have saved my mom and siblings a lot of trauma, that it may help influence others to help fight for them as well.  A new LEAC friend, Lived Experience Advisory Council, she asked I bring up how parents who are homeless are kept from their children and that is not right.  I will not only advocate on behalf of her and other parents, I encouraged her to go ahead on an art project which I think is critical and powerful, I’ll let her tell you that story.

May this blog find you all in good health, if not, may you have the strength to get thru your health crisis, never give up, never give in!  Reach out, others can help!

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Open Door with Lisa Helps

Mayor Lisa Helps open door.  I appreciate how she shares information by not doing a closed door with each person, she is practicing democracy and it helps us all to know what is going on for other citizens.  What we may learn right off is how many folks actually do care and have great ideas, which, all to often are not able to move forward.

Here is a photo of Lisa at that first session CTEHV members went to whereby we had a female homeless vehicle dweller share at this meeting. I highly recommend you go to them just to experience democracy within a anti oppression model.  Lisa is good at ensuring all are heard no matter what opinion’s exist in the room.


Thanks for that Lisa, I hope all future Mayors do the same!  So, for me, I went to do follow up re: Homeless Vehicle Dwellers:

It was suggested by Lisa Helps that the Centennial Square parking lot be used as their is security and bathrooms.

We also asked for a parking sticker for their vehicles, so that homeless vehicle dwellers can go to services etc and not worry about paying for parking meters or worry about parking overnight on a city street or getting towed.

We will be hearing from City of Victoria July and August re: this issue.

I am pleased City staff are working on it currently, thank you!

Kym Hothead


PS:  Like Micro Housing and Mini Tent Cities, these ideas like parking stickers for homeless vehicle dwellers are good Harm Reduction ideas, and, since these are changing times, I feel the need to back this stuff up with Rallies, Protest, and Hitting the Streets to Educate about Social Housing, go to:


IMG_1691 IMG_1278 IMG_1009 IMG_0844 IMG_0993 DSC_0373

ALSO: email me at thawvictoria@gmail.com if you want to be a part of a

Stand for Social Housing, I’d love a monthly LARGE group for summer:


We also need continued support for  YES2SCS:


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DROUGHT on Vancouver Island!

Today I was reminded about how many folks either do not know we are in a drought on this Island, or, believe that their grass needs to be green or, their water systems have not been turned off!

However, I was shocked to see a park in Fernwood watering grass!  What the “F”?

Here are photo’s on Chambers and Grant, just down from Vic High, and, to note: I tried to turn it off but was unable, that is how upset this made me: Its mid day, hottest part of day, it’s going over the sidewalk and, its teaching our kids that we do not care about our future.

IMG_2386 IMG_2387

IMG_2388 IMG_2389


Here I was riding and I found this at a Social Housing Site in which I know great folks work and manage it, happens to be the one I am moving into.  I realised some watering systems need to be reset!  Its upsetting to me to see grass get watered when WE ARE in a drought .  Let it be brown, water flowers and gardens, that is what is beautiful!

IMG_2391 IMG_2392

IMG_2393 IMG_2394 IMG_2395 IMG_2396


To clarify: Do not water at the hottest time of day, especially when we are in a drought on this Island, a level 4 drought IS STILL A DROUGHT and many of us would like to see the City of Victoria take steps NOW and create an emergency bylaw which states to Stop Watering Lawns; Garden Watering Only and Not at Peak Times.

The City of Victoria can poster the region; as well they can get the work out to all print media, radio and TV news outlets.

With all due respect,

Kym A. Hines

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The Right To Sleep. Open Letter to City of Victoria.

I a settler Acadian Metis visitor within Lkwungen WSANEC territories.
Open Letter to City of Victoria Mayor, council and staff:
I want to first thank the current Mayor Lisa Helps, all of City Council and City of Victoria staff for everything they have done to help move forward the work of Micro Housing and Mini Tent Cities.  Thank you for listening and guiding with ongoing support.
Our steering committee for the micro housing is moving ahead with non profit status and we are grateful for City support we have received, I have never experienced this in all my years.  To see housed citizens including those with lived experience of homelessness as well as current homeless come together with so many professionals and sort this out, it’s been a joy.
I’d to do some follow up re: the issue of homeless living in their vehicles and how together we came up with some great ideas that we at CTEHV have not been able to follow up on just yet.  Here are some ideas I’d love some feedback on:
– I wonder what exactly we need to do to have use of the City of Victoria parkade at Centennial Square for overnight parking, as was suggested by you back when CTEHV first brought this to your attention at a friday meet up.   CETHV has not followed up till now, thanks for your patience.
-Maybe the CTEHV could bottom line the design of a logo for a parking sticker for “Homeless Vehicle Dwellers” ( HVD) so that they:
*do not have to pay for parking when using services where paid parking is in issue, within maximum time given any citizen to park in one spot for?
*so that they can park overnight where it is safe for them if the City Parkade is not suitable.
Do you think we can get some guidelines from City of Victoria for such an idea?   We all still have to follow laws of noise etc, so, we do not need to create laws, just guidelines.
I thought I’d also clear up a few things for folks regarding Tent Cities, Micro Housing and Social Housing:
I am under the assumption here in Lkwungen WSANEC Territories aka: Victoria that:
– folks who are homeless are allowed by law here in Victoria to camp from 7pm to 7am in parks.
– we have folks, for their own reasons, who tent close to services and with their family/buddies. This is about community and safety for them, and, given many folks who have many health issues, this “right to sleep” bylaw suits them fine.
For some homeless, the sites City of Victoria picked will not work for all of them for some of the reasons I already stated.
These are folks who are often in a couple and have chosen family members who stick together. Outreach teams such as 713 can do outreach to them as needed, some have Reverend Allen Tysick with Dandelion society, still others do not want to go to shelters for many reasons, see photo of reasons in my sandwich board with facts from Social Housing Alliance (http://www.socialhousingbc.com/) and, also see Right To Housing at: http://righttohousing.ca/
– even though we work hard for Micro Housing Village/’s, we must know there will still be homeless who will not want to or be able to be a part of it for varying reasons. Many for reasons of health and working jobs need Social Housing which is affordable and at 30% of income.
IMG_0993 IMG_1009
IMG_1684 IMG_1686 IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1703 IMG_1705
To paraphrase:
Many want to know that our homeless family members will have support in the right to sleep tenting bylaw and; to not get jacked up by police and by law enforcement.
If they leave a mess, they will of course have to deal with the consequences, but, not all homeless will have to deal with consequences of one person’s actions.  Each person has the right to dignity, and a right to a warning.
City of Victoria has suggested sites for Mini Tent Cities, and Micro Housing Village/’s this does not mean that homeless folks will NOT be able to be elsewhere when appropriate and following existing bylaws.
Tourist’s are not considered homeless. Big Difference.
In ending, I wanted to share some of a conversation I had with a homeless first nations who choose “anonymous”;
No matter what happens, this work you folks have done has helped the greater community know more about the anti poverty movement.  That City Hall talk on Micro Housing was cool, especially I liked that Mark guy.  You and others have made statements about the need for unity, look at the impact of that already.  That you have all come together across so much difference this past few months has had a great impact locally. Many of us know it’s really depressing, we have lost a lot of family members to homelessness and poverty.
If anything, this has boosted a lot of people’s vision and sense of hope, it’s brought to light areas which need our attention if we are to move forward, showing us all how much work is needed  re: First Nations and decolonisation, learning about anti discrimination, anti stigma , and anti oppression.
‘Many of us don’t want shelters, many of you still lacking in communication and relations with local first nations communities whose territories you are all visitors in.”
Thanks for the great conversation!  I really respect your honesty.
I want to thank folks for their patience and support regarding my own ill health of late, I do actually feel like I am beginning to get back to my normal. I was told by a health practitioner that, given the pneumonia/leisen it’s no wonder I am in a fibromyalgia eruption (new term for me) it’s why I have been under a lot of fibro fog / mental duress.  That and the intense reaction to antibiotics gave me thrush, which I was told will slowly clear over this next three weeks.  I practice patience and continue to seek affordable housing for my daughter and I.
That’s it folks,
kym a hines
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Sixties Scoop victims demand apology, compensation

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:

Wayne Snellgrove, centre, with his adoptive family. Snellgrove was one of thousands of aboriginal kids forced from their homes and adopted into mostly non-Native families during the 1960s to 80s. (Submitted by Wayne Snellgrove) Wayne Snellgrove, centre, with his adoptive family. Snellgrove was one of thousands of aboriginal kids forced from their homes and adopted into mostly non-Native families during the 1960s to 80s. (Submitted by Wayne Snellgrove)

Some estimate more than 20,000 aboriginal kids adopted by mostly non-native families

CBC News, June 18, 2015

Aboriginal adoptees forced from their families by the Canadian government in the Sixties Scoop are expected to receive what is believed to be the first public government apology on Thursday.

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger is set to deliver the apology, which the province has been working on for months alongside affected adoptees.

The Sixties Scoop is the name given to the period of time between the 1960s and ’80s when thousands of aboriginal children were placed with mostly non-native adoptive families.

View original 566 more words

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Meeting With Carol James.

Good day folks!  Hope this post finds you all in good health and spirits.

I asked Micro Housing Steering Committee members Solomon Lindsay and Graeme Bristol to join me this am and meet with Carol James.   Here is a photo of Pete who I met up with at Our Place.  We have chatted off and on over this last year.  He has joined our Steering Committee today, I love his energy and ideas, he is wanting to be involved and I am happy he has joined us.  You’ll see him at the next meeting and, he loves the idea of us meeting at FNB tree, let me know when those meetings start up, I may be able to join you again by then!  I am still taking my health break and yet, still able to enjoy this outreach work for now.


He and I and Michelle had a great chat at Our Place regarding the housing crisis many are in.  Managers are still using police to evict tenants and that needs some attention.  We all praised TAPS for their ongoing work regarding View Towers and wonder what the heck is going on there re: occupancy rates so high and homeless numbers on rise?  Gentrification gone real bad!



That’s Pete, Solomon, me kym hothead, Carol and Graeme.  I could not decide which photo was the best so I used both!

We had a great meeting and I opened by bringing up the need for a National Housing Strategy to be drafted by the NDP well before the election.  We asked for her help in this endeavor and she is definitely wanting to help.  She stated she will meet with Murray Rankin and David Eby in regards to what we brought forward.  Our CTEHV will be having Murray Rankin come once again soon and I look forward to that meeting as well.

She also had just come from a meeting with Marianne Alto, we are all really busy and active and listening to all sides, trying very much to calm the alarm bells of fear…

We also need to meet up with NDP housing person: David Eby and ask him to lead in getting this much needed National Housing Strategy written and that it must include social housing getting built at 30% of income.  We the people will be getting out there and help educate the public regarding this housing crisis and what is needed.  We need 10 thousand built each year to begin to deal, that is a lot of jobs folks, let’s get on that one!
Please join us when we post our schedule for Leafleting and Stands For Social Housing. After all,  an election is coming and Carol as well as others agree: the time is NOW for action.

I shared with her the Diverse Social Housing Proposal I have been bottom lining and how I will be hosting a panel in Montreal in November for The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness conference entitled:

Thinking outside the box: alternative and self-managed housing solutions.

Some research cites problems with mainstream rental housing including distance from services, isolation from previous networks of informal support, inadequate housing conditions, difficulties in “fitting into” mainstream expectations of housing, and problematic relationships with private market landlords—as key reasons for returns to homelessness for some participants in Housing First programs.”   I hope to keep costs down by bringing the presentation Mark Lakeman did (However, I have invited him cause, ya never know, would be great to have him there!) and have mostly lived experience who are living it now alongside other lived experience like myself share in why Tent Cities, Micro Housing and other alternatives can help save lives, build a community which can lobby government and get our needs met.

For me, this is Harm Reduction for homeless while the housing strategy gets written.   Many folks fall thru the cracks and this is where tent cities and micro housing villages can help.

Solomon Lindsay is a Vic High student and he shared his interest in architecture and is involving his school to help build micro housing homes, he is currently an active steering committee member.  He shared a lot and I look forward to what the students will come up with, I guess Carol helped start that program at VIC High!

Graeme Bristol shared his experience as an architect and how this project is one he is happy to be involved in, shared how the tenants themselves are a big part of how the homes will be built, how we are currently creating a non profit and are determined to help insure self governance with much community support to do so.  He and other architects as well as homeless who are on steering Committee like Tony have been going to Agencies and presenting and listening to homeless and gleaning what they want.  I was able to attend 2 presentations at Our Place and enjoyed them a lot!

Pete is currently homeless and was very keen on this project and will gladly be involved in meetings as well as Stands For Social Housing!  He and I spoke of leafleting outside of Our Place and Rock Bay Landing to reach out to homeless as well as housed.

He shared a tragic story with Solomon as we left together of a homeless man who stabed himself to death. He suffered greatly and was staying at the Rock Bay Landing shelter. This allegedly occurred about 4 months ago, such a tragedy and adds to the passion we all share on why Social Housing is critical, that any Harm Reduction is needed NOW.

I want to thank everyone who is helping with this project, we all have a role in production and what better time than now to relieve the pain and suffering of our homeless family members, which is absolutely unnecessary!

If not now, when?

In solidarity,

kym hothead hines

VIMEO: Transform Homelessness Advocacy WAtch for feature Taking The Fall and Rising, and short film Speakers Corner Booth.

youtube: thawvictoria

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