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TW: Racism/Violence in #DeafEd

RIT/NTID Communities:

I have a whole lot of rage right now; and I am presently working on developing a more coherent narrative of all that I am trying to convey. I am calling on all of you to answer for what I am about to post. This is just one of countless racist incidents that has occurred on campus in less than one week. Many have tried to find outlets on campus to share this and other concerns to no avail.

Here is the issue:

With all that is going on in this nation right now, a white professor actually called “Public Safety” to his classroom to remove a Black Deaf male student from his classroom this week.

There was no emergency. The student did not make any threats or in any way intimidate this professor or anyone else in the classroom. In fact, this is one of the most docile students I have met here. The student just so happens to be of larger stature than most of our students.

My understanding is that there has been an individual resolution between this student and professor that included an apology from the professor. This is not sufficient by any stretch of the imagination, however.

It is too easy for all of us to point at other states, universities, institutions to analyze their racism without talking about or taking stock of what is going on in our own.

In the past couple of days, I’ve been told to “wait” to discuss this and other serious matters of racism–this one being a literal matter of life and death. I’ve been told that I was in the wrong meeting (to discuss racism); and even been invited to discuss this issue as a coffee chat after someone saw me get shut down in other spaces (spaces where this & other incidences should have been able to be comfortably aired).

Right now, folks on campus are obsessed with talking about “shared governance”…until it comes to shared governance including Youth/Deaf/Blind/Disabled voices. That is not okay.

Teachers came to serve in a space (this campus) where they knew that there were countless Youth/Deaf/Disabled/Black/PoC/Low-Income Students but they have done zero unpacking. That is not okay.

Committees have been formed for “diversity” but folx are not serious about dismantling racism. Also not okay.

So since no one wants to provide a space for this conversation, someone needs to answer for this. Tell me how we plan to serve our students in a truly intersectional way that honors & celebrates their whole humanity–that does not penalize them for ANY part of their identity.

If this means some rules about “public safety” not being called for particular situations, great; professors setting up a buddy system to decrease interactions between “public safety” and our Students, that’s fine too. Hell, if this means having me on 24/7 speed text/dial, go forth; but nobody’s child, sibling, friend is going to be terrorized or die on my watch.

For “educators” who don’t know: you literally are inviting terror and welcoming death into your class when you do this sort of thing. Certainly this does not help any of your students focus or feel safe. And they damn sure are not going to be more comfortable with or respect you for your bravado.

This says to them that you do not care about them. That you do not value their existence. That you are not actually willing to learn with or from them.

I have included tweets about how I feel around cops because it is critical that you all understand that many of us experience sheer terror (especially right now) around any and all kinds of “law enforcement.” Just because they are called “public safety” does not mean they are safe. Nor does it remove their identity as cops to all of us marginalized folx who share this campus community. Just because you have never have any bad encounters with “law enforcement” does not discount the fact that many have.

We need to have this conversation now. It absolutely cannot wait. This should not be relegated to a coffee chat.

I am not willing to risk the health, safety or life of any of my Students for the sake of respectability.

What will it take before we take this seriously?

[The following was added after I wrote this post because, per usual, our Youth are leading the way on all things Justice. This does not in any way relieve folks in positions of power from responsibility on this issue. Thanks to our Youth who continue to model accountability & love for those who bother to pay any attention. I understand that the NTID Advisory Group will be around next week. Looks like a great opportunity for listening…]

Today at 6pm the Student leaders convened an emergency meeting inside the NTID Student Life Team community room to identify a plan to continue the important dialogue with administrators, faculty, staff, and students. The room was packed.

They have decided to use the NTID Student Assembly as a platform to discuss systemic racism as well as the issue of Public Safety being called to remove a Black Deaf student from class this coming Tuesday from 7pm-10pm. Interpreters have been notified.

The students also will invite administrators/faculty/staff to attend a meeting this coming Thursday from 7pm-10pm; and are working on securing a large meeting space.


On Trauma, Disability, Blackness & “the Law”

This week a white professor @ RIT/NTID called “Public Safety” to remove a Black Deaf student from class. In a rage, I was compelled to share tweets below. I hope that more can understand the real terror it is to be Black & Disabled in the U.S. TW: Violence, Trauma, Abuse by “Law Enforcement”

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  1. When cops pass me, I forget all else around me. When stopped by cops, I uncontrollably shake, sweat,have heart palpitations, can’t function.

  2. Many Black/Disabled/Deaf/PoC/Trans folx have similar reactions.Our bodies absorb & express the trauma that we witness & that ancestors bore.

  3. In 2007, I survived a drive-by shooting just to be accused of having played a part in it for hours w cops who joked at my & others’ expense.

  4. For hours cops held me in their car-in the same neighborhood where the drive-by happened-so the could try to coerce me into sharing info.

  5. A detective, convinced that bc there were bullet holes up my driver door & bc I’m Black that I must have been involved….

  6. Really, this detective was in disbelief that a Black person fleeing for their life could have not bothered to look at anyone shooting a gun.

  7. The detective kept trying to convince me that the person was a young Black male of a specific height and build and complexion.

     To See All the tweets related to this, go to:
    Powerful! thank you talila lewis for sharing and lets all work night and day to end this oppressive state!
    Like crimethink.com states:
    To Change Everything, Start Everywhere.
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Social Housing? Nope! Thats just RIch, Coleman!

I am a visitor under duress in L’kwungen Territory.

Plans are in the works to throw a RICH COLEMAN BASH

People are needed to make and operate a larger than life RICH Coleman Puppet to hang and dance from long poles.

We want to start our creative projects now and develop other creative ideas. Homeless want to speak, will you help them?  Join them?  We need Social Housing Now. 
Would you like to help by making art, we’d LOVE IT if folks wanted to show solidarity and paint then, go into AGM and hear speech and report back to public your thoughts…
We are creating and building community from ground up together…
 You have a story of Home?  
So far one of many aspect’s of the Bash and Rally will be moi,kym hothead M/C’ing and supporting homeless who say they want to share their stories of Home, what are they seeking in Home and why?

YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US THIS Wednesday at 7pm at Sands Funeral Home, Quadra and North Park, come and join our CTEHV meeting where this is on our agenda.

You are welcome to join us and please,
Send creative friends.  We can use your art skills and love freakness!
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Women, men rally against Alexander First Nation chief



Chief Kurt Burnstick, who is charged with sexual assault, adamant he won’t resign

By Andrea Huncar, CBC News, September 15, 2016

Women, men, elders and youth marched through the Alexander First Nation Thursday calling for the resignation of Chief Kurt Burnstick, who is charged with sexually assaulting two women in the community.

“Hey, hey, ho, ho, Chief Burnstick has to go,” chanted dozens of protesters, most wearing red in acknowledgement of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Some had red hands painted over their mouths while many carried signs with slogans such as “Our bodies are not public property.”

“We are asking Kurt Burnstick to resign as chief,” said Janet Campbell, spokesperson for the Alexander Women Warriors, the group that organized the rally in the community northwest of Edmonton.

“Our community has suffered a lot of abuse and we’re at the point now where we can stand up, where we have a voice, and we’re saying, ‘No more’.”

In March of this year, police charged Burnstick with one count of sexual assault for an alleged incident in October 2015. Earlier this month, CBC News learned Burnstick faced two new sexual assault charges after another woman in the community came forward over alleged attacks in 1985.


“Our bodies are not public property and we want people to stand up against sexual violence,” said Angel Auigbelle, 16, before the march began, adding she was “a bit nervous.”

“But I’m proud that I’m holding up this sign telling everyone to support us and be with us through sexual violence.”

Rally organizers said many women who wanted to attend the rally stayed away because of a memo distributed one day earlier to all department staff employees.

“We do not condone you attending the ‘Women Warrior’ march tomorrow,” reads the memo provided by organizers. “If they do attend instead of attending at work, please be aware there will be repercussions in regards to being disciplined up to and including termination for just cause.”

Supporter Don Burnstick criticized local leadership for a “bullying type of mentality” and a “systemic misogynistic attitude toward women.”

“I’m here to support my sisters,” said Burnstick, who grew up in Alexander but lives in Edmonton, adding he’s not related to the chief. “I’m so proud of these women, because when women come together there’s power.”

The march ended outside the band office where group leaders met with three councillors before Coun. Allen Paul addressed the crowd.

“Today is a message that we also have to take the sacred right that we must do as people and that’s to protect the women,” Paul said as the crowd whooped in response.

He said they would meet with legal counsel to see what steps could be pursued.

But on Thursday afternoon, the chief issued a defiant statement, refusing to step down.

“While I take the issue of sexual assault very seriously, I deny the allegations made against me, and will vigorously defend myself in court,” Burnstick said in the statement.

“As the elected leader of the Alexander First Nation people, I believe strongly in the democratic principle, and the presumption of innocence. I will not be stepping down and I ask the people of Alexander to continue to support and respect each other.”

Campbell pledged to “rally bigger and in a more public place” in the future, but said she worries about the consequences for fellow protesters.

“It took a lot of courage to come.”


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Cops and Cameras: What are your rights?


‘Caribou Legs’ was stopped from filming a police officer outside Montreal

By Mark Rendell, CBC News Posted: Sep 16, 2016 12:05 PM CT Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016 1:17 PM CT

Brad Firth, better known as 'Caribou Legs,' is running across Canada to raise awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. An altercation with a police officer outside of Montreal has prompted discussion online after the police officer covered Firth's camera.

Brad Firth, better known as ‘Caribou Legs,’ is running across Canada to raise awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. An altercation with a police officer outside of Montreal has prompted discussion online after the police officer covered Firth’s camera. (supplied/Caribou Legs)

Related Stories

“I was calling out to the crowd: ‘Is there somebody with a camera or phone?’ And one of the community members came up with their cell phone and started taking pictures, and [the RCMP officer is]… blocking her and telling her she was not to take any pictures and leave.

“She didn’t put the camera away, she continued to take pictures close up and away, and I don’t believe that she said anything, she refused to leave the situation,” adds Sibbeston.

An RCMP spokesperson declined to comment on the Fort Simpson incident, saying it was currently under internal review.

There is also the case of Northern News Services journalist John McFadden, who was charged with obstruction of justice while taking photos of police searching a vehicle in Yellowknife last year.

In court, officers claimed McFadden got in their way during the search.

McFadden denied the charge, saying he was not interfering with the search and simply doing his job.

The judge is expected to rule on the matter next month.

Charter Right

“There’s absolutely no general law that would prohibit a member of the public from taking video or photographic footage anywhere in a public place,” says Yellowknife defence lawyer Caroline Wawzonek.

“You can’t get in the way of an investigation and you can’t get in the way of a police officer,” Wawzonek continues.

“If you actually intercede in a way that prevents them performing their duty they can ask you to get out of the way, they can ask you to move, they ask you to leave. And if you’re actually to the point of obstructing them you could be charged.

Caroline Wawzonek

“There’s absolutely no general law that would prohibit a member of the public from taking video or photographic footage anywhere in a public place,” says Caroline Wawzonek, a defence lawyer in Yellowknife. (Randall McKenzie/CBC)

“But to the extent that you’re able to stand back and you’re a non-interfering member of the public, there’s absolutely no reason they wouldn’t have the right to take that photograph.”

If the issue is so clear cut, why then do we continue to see situations where police officers try to prevent people from filming them?

According to Wawzonek, there’s frequently a “misunderstanding about the boundaries of the law… and people make mistakes. Officers who are otherwise acting appropriately can make mistakes in the heat of a moment.”

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, Wawzonek says “the safest course of action is to remain calm and dispassionate about it… and just say: ‘thank you, but I have the right to take pictures in a public place.'”

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Dakota Access Updates: Judge drops injunction against tribal leaders, County files more charges against protesters


dakota-access-pipeline-defend-sacredBismarck Tribune, September 16, 2016

NEAR THE STANDING ROCK SIOUX RESERVATION, N.D. (AP) — The Latest on the legal fight over the Dakota Access pipeline (all times local):

12:55 p.m.

A federal judge in Bismarck has dropped a temporary restraining order against Standing Rock Sioux tribal leaders who were sued by the company developing the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline.

Dakota Access LLC filed the complaint last month against Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman David Archambault II and others from interfering with pipeline construction north of the Standing Rock reservation.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland ruled Friday that a previous restraining order was “simply an ‘obey-the-law’ injunction” and he expects the tribal leaders to protest lawfully.

Hovland noted that many of the “troublesome” protesters are “from out-of-state who have political interests in the pipeline protest and hidden agendas vastly different and far removed from the legitimate interests” of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, which argues the pipeline could taint water sources and is decimating sacred sites.


1:30 a.m.

What started in April with a few members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has become one of North Dakota’s newest and biggest communities.

Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people have set up tents and shelters near the confluence of the Missouri and Cannonball rivers, joining tribal members in their fight against the Dakota Access oil pipeline to protect sacred sites and a river that’s a source of water for millions of people.

There’s a school for dozens of children, an increasingly organized system to deliver water and meals and volunteers from the health care sector.

Protesters say they’ll stay on federal land as long as it takes to stop the $3.8 billion, four-state pipeline — even in brutal winter conditions.

The pipeline company says it’s committed to finishing the project.


Morton County charges 8 additional Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, files warrants for 3 others

KFYR TV, September 16, 2016

MANDAN, N.D. – Authorities have charged eight individuals for their involvement in illegal protest activities on September 14. Protesters were arrested yesterday at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site on private property near New Salem in Morton County.

Nicholas Tilsen, Wanikiyewin Loud Hawk and Daniel Tseleie were arrested for felony reckless endangerment for attaching themselves to construction equipment using a “steel or sleeping dragon” device. Law enforcement were forced to remove the device endangering responders due to the dangerous conditions.

Five others were arrested for their involvement in the unlawful protest activities.

Below are the names and criminal charges of those arrested September 14:

Nicholas Tilsen, 34, SD – Reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, obstruction of government function

Wanikiyewin Loud Hawk, 32, SD – Reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, obstruction of government function

Daniel Tseleie, 34, Canada – Reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, obstruction of government function

Zenas Bizahaloni, 37, AZ – Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct

Morgun Frejo, 23, VA – Conspiracy to commit reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, conspiracy to commit obstruction of government function

Marcus Frejo, 38, OK – Conspiracy to commit reckless endangerment, criminal trespass – second offense, disorderly conduct, conspiracy to commit obstruction of government function

Heather Horsefall Milton, 38, Canada – Conspiracy to commit obstruction of government function, criminal trespass

Kaden Walksnice, 23, MT – Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct

In addition, the Morton County State’s Attorney’s Office has filed charges against four individuals for their role in a protest on September 3:

Elliot New Holy, Jr., Greg Grey Cloud, Mason Redwing and Marcus Frejo are charged with criminal trespass. According to the affidavit investigators connected all four men to being on private property halting Dakota Access Pipeline work. Frejo was arrested Wednesday for his involvement in the illegal protest activity on that day. Warrants have been issued for the other three individuals.

As of September 15, a total of 69 individuals have been arrested for illegal protest activities.



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Stop Hothead and Dean Now!

CENSOR THE CAMERAS – Pity the Police
Kym Hines & Bruce Dean – THREATS to PUBLIC ORDER

“Every citizen has the right, perhaps the moral duty, to bring alleged police misconduct to the attention of the appropriate authorities.”
(The Honourable Jakob S. de Villiers Q.C.)
(RE: Graham, VicPD, & OPCC vs Bruce Dean) — atVictoria Police Department.


Defying the VIPIRG study, “Out of Sight: Policing Poverty in Victoria”, the VicPD claim their relationship with Street Community, homeless, and Tent City residents is positive.

The VicPD also made it clear that they intend to focus more on Policing Mental Health.

“Acting” as though the Policing of Poverty is Hunky Dory

The VicPD Mental Health Aspirations (who needs social workers?)

It was trippy, my afternoon plans were sent adrift into a surreal world by merely opening the wrong door. I meant to attend the Committee to End Homelessness Victoria meeting, but inadvertently walked in on some sort of Committee to Support the Policing of Poverty – and they had a superstar visitor, the camera shy “acting” Chief of Victoria Police, Del Manek.

The unquestioning fans were in awe of their hero who was beyond reproach, in their star struck eyes.

The Chief opined about the great relationship his police department has with the homeless, about how the police should be commended for not blitzing the Super InTent City homeless camp in SWAT uniforms.

With impressive flexibility Manek was able to continue his diatribe patting himself on the back with both hands and doing so without pulling a muscle – even while juggling claims about the VicPD’s impressive response times.

After making more claims, this time of no arrests at Super InTent City, the “acting” Chief produced his best puppy dog eyes while telling a sad story of visiting four officers in the hospital who had been injured during an arrest at Tent City. The “acting” Chief’s puppy dog eyes swole larger, and on edge of tear as he wove his sad tale.

By his account it must have been a horrific scene that can harden a police officer; to see the hospital emergency ward floor littered with ouchless Band-Aid wrappers, and officers facing an afternoon off work with pay after four of them, with the help from a Taser, arrested one man.

The horror, and the, uh, the humanity, ya, the humanity – it brought the glint of a tear to the awestruck eyes of the fan club who were drinking glass after glass of the purple Kool-Aid.
At one point the Superstar Chief grew indignant when having to justify the SWAT team search of the new NO NAME soft incarceration shelter on Johnson, the abandoned former care home, now fortress.

The wide-eyed “acting” Chief’s story began to fall apart when proclaiming that the apparently warrantless search was under the blessing of the residents’ overlord and gatekeeper, PHS (Portland Hell Society), and that they were hunting for a dangerous criminal who was alleged to be wandering floor to floor of the shelter with “possible access to a gun”.

Veracity’s ears were burning when existing video contradicts the “acting” Chief’s claim that the floors had been emptied of civilians for their protection – but his fans eyes widened in amazement as his fable continued. I don’t think any of them, including the “acting” Chief, had viewed the resident’s video evidence the “acting” Chief was now dismissing.

…and where is the gun this dangerous villain had access to? Did it exist, or was it a bag a skittles? Is this yet another trumped up police version or false report from the frequent NIMBY 911 caller club who unaccountably and repeatedly abuse the emergency system to stigmatize/harass the homeless, which in turn benefits the police who use the increased 911 calls to justify bigger budgets and heavier policing of poverty? Isn’t it illegal to knowingly make false 911 calls, except maybe a few years back – in Salem?

…isn’t making false 911 calls referred to as SWATting?

The media and police silence of the SWAT Team heroically foiling the roaming armed villain incident was defended by the “acting” Chief on the grounds that the police don’t like to report such incidents, and they didn’t want to further stigmatize the people they were stigmatizing with disproportionate policing. The VicPD Chief groupies sympathized with the predicament the police were in, instead of the victims of this heavy handed policing.

The SWAT Team search story has enough huge holes in it to see back to the even more bizarre June 8th No-Warrant Search/Raid of Tent City, when a large army of police entered every single residence in the entire village of Super InTent City …without warrants.

First, there was supposedly an injured person needing immediate medical attention, but the army of police arrived without any medical personnel or EMT, which brought question to the veracity of the purported emergency.

Then it had supposedly been a dead body search all along; a dead body the police let ferment for a part of the day, because it turns out the 911 call came in about ½ day earlier…

…say what? After the late night 911 call, the police initiated the search the next day, after breakfast, somewhere around noon – for the injured person needing immediate medical attention, which they brought none of, or the rotting corpse – whichever version you choose to say WTF over.

Why did they delay the search?
…perhaps to give the officers an opportunity to sleep in, and polish their batons they used and brandished in the ‘welfare check” to “protect themselves”?
…perhaps to give the officers a chance to charge their “welfare search” camera batteries?
…and the police found no injured person requiring medical attention, or rotting corpse (zombie?).

There are many witnessed events of disproportionate policing of the homeless, with studies and research to support it, but this diatribe would turn into a book to properly explore the topic.

The tragedy of this is the reality that the homeless and street community – the poor – seldom have the access and resources to confront these injustices, and too many obstacles, including stigma, which protects the police from their constant violation of the street community’s rights.

…and then things got weird.
Perhaps at first the “acting” Chief didn’t realize he was talking out loud when he blurted out his dreams of multiple-choice-test quickie social work classes to qualify police officers to deal with mental health issues, but when much of his enthralled audience seemed to be refilling their glasses with his purple Kool-Aid, the “acting” Chief rolled with it …but the few not hypnotized with fandom were still left wondering;

Why do the police think they should be doing social and mental health work?
…because they think they have a knack for it?
…to ease the work load of actual trained and experienced social and mental health workers?
…to diversify police revenue?
…to justify budget increases for one of the richest and best staffed police departments in Canada (with one of the worst reputations for crime-solving rates)?
…to increase opportunities to use weapons to solve social and mental health issues?
…to help fill prisons with the mentally ill?

*and contrary to what “acting” Chief Del Manek rudely and dismissively said to the unquestioning sheeple, we’re NOT just unconstructively looking for things that are wrong, to negatively criticize – we’re reporting injustice to deaf ears and blind eyes hiding behind a thin blue line, supported by those who choose to remain neutral in a time of crisis.

“Every citizen has the right, perhaps the moral duty, to bring alleged
police misconduct to the attention of the appropriate authorities.”
(The Honourable Jakob S. de Villiers Q.C.)
(RE: Graham, VicPD, & OPCC vs Bruce Dean)


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Follow The Heart Strings

I am a lover, not a fighter. What kind of world is this for the likes of me?
And another thing, I am actually a warrior who is proud to be led by my heart

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