Tiny Houses Embraced by City of Eugene, Oregon: “There’s nothing in the building code that prohibits a tiny house.”

Wanted to share some of Eugene’s process in their Village formation.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: Most villages started out as a tent city and homeless folks kept together until the micro housing village was formed!

As we move ahead in Lkwungen Territory aka Victoria fall season is around the corner and we will need to know where the mini tent cities exist or will exist and support our homeless family members who wait for social housing to be built! In the meantime: the Micro Housing Village moves forward as does the struggle as to where it will go remains ongoing as well.  Many folks are working hard on this on the committee which meets at Our Place on sunday evenings.  Homeless have been approaching me as they’ve been noticing the survey led by our group (I keep reminding folks I have been on a sabbatical from Micro Housing Committee work due to ill health and will return soon), on behalf of the group I’d like to thank you for your feedback, all of it will be looked at and taken into consideration.

continuing to article..

See article here by Andrew Heben :


Here is a taste of it:

“Micro-housing” was the topic of Monday’s city council work session.

The goal—to start to set a context and common understanding of what the terms are related to micro-housing with the hope to get a sense of where council wants to go with this. This post summarizes key points and takeaways from the session.

It began with a presentation by city staff. Micro-housing was defined to include tiny houses, cluster housing (tiny house village), congregate housing (i.e. SRO’s), and micro-apartments.

Land Use—municipal code intended to support the livability of our community—presents a more difficult obstacle to the tiny house. Examples of regulations include:

  • Size, location and height of small houses and SDUs
  • Where small homes that are mobile or on wheels can be located
  • Standards for multiple small homes on one parcel
  • Additional regulations regarding density and lot coverage may also apply when micro-housing is being considered.

However, there are still several legal avenues to develop various forms of micro-housing within the existing land use code, as illustrated by the chart below.”

(go to web page to read more)

See also: http://www.communitecture.net/dignity-village.html

Dignity Village
N Portland, Oregon | 2000-present

This highly challenging project has exceeded all expectations in its success as a self-help model for solutions to homelessness.  Our work has been to facilitate design dialogues and to reflect the emerging design concepts generated in the Village by its social culture.  We encourage the villagers to think of themselves in broader terms, which has helped them to arrive at a vision in which Dignity becomes a self-sustaining prototype for ecological and social sustainability.  We have also led hands-on construction processes at the Village. “



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The Camp Ends, The Struggle For The Right To Housing Continues! May 24, 2015


I am posting this as it may just be close to a future for us regarding where we create Mini Tent Cities as well as out Micro Housing Village.  In the end, people will have to pick a spot and fight for it, our fall is coming soon so, City of Victoria is going to have to accept that we will have Mini Tent Cities as well as our Micro Housing Village going up soon!

There is only so much time for process, the time for actions are around corner for Montreal and Victoria…

Montreal, May 24, 2015 – After moving three times on public land of downtown Montreal and being ousted each time by the police department of the City of Montreal (SPVM), FRAPRU ended the Camp for law, initiated on May 21, to housing, in a closed meeting after which the campers have left to remember a symbolic tent with their messages for the right to housing. FRAPRU, which organized the camp, draws a very positive, considering it as a highlight of the struggle for the future of social housing in Quebec. The FRAPRU coordinator François Saillant explains: “The Camp has succeeded in attracting public attention to the problems of housing and neglect of governments, with an intensity that had not seen since the housing crisis of early 2000s. ”

FRAPRU also welcomed the unprecedented support obtained by the Camp.Forty public figures took part in his favor putting more hands-on, including actor and director Alexis Martin, the writer François Avard, actor Gilles Renaud, singer Judy Richards, the essayist and Normand Baillargeon columnist, filmmakers Philippe Falardeau and Eve Lamont, comedian Christian Vanasse, philosophers and Christian Nadeau Michel Seymour, the actress Sylvie Legault and Marie Michaud, and the rapper Webster. The camp was also supported by thirty major Quebec organizations including the unions CSN, FTQ and CSQ, independent trade unions, national community organizations, groups of doctors, etc. Twenty international networks and European organizations, African and North American fight for the right to habitat have also expressed their solidarity.

The attitude of governments

FRAPRU considers that the only negative is the attitude demonstrated by the three levels of government. François Saillant takes offense: “It’s only because he was heckled by the media after his speech to the Union of Quebec Municipalities that Stephen Harper’s Quebec lieutenant, Denis Lebel took action on the concerns carried by the Camp and was to peddle falsehoods about the consequences of the end of federal subsidies for 125,000 social housing in Quebec, with 5200 in 2015. As for the Quebec government to Philippe Couillard, he finds refuge in a silence Overall, not even having the courage to defend the decision of its last budget to halve funding for new social housing. ”

As for the municipal administration of Mayor Denis Coderre, Mr. Saillant judge harshly intransigence: “We could have hoped for more understanding on the part of an administration which was concerned about the problems of housing and homelessness and supports the social housing. Instead of adding his voice to ours as it should have done, he preferred to have to call the police intervention. “In this regard, FRAPRU is extremely concerned by the attitude of the SPVM: “Obviously, freedom of expression and demonstration does not exist when an organization is dissent and outside the box.” The organization, which has repeatedly denounced the anti-demonstration laws applied in Quebec and Montreal in particular, out of Camp strengthened this conviction. In the past, FRAPRU was never itself the object of applying the regulation. This is now done a dozen campers and campers who received tickets from the OPMC, May 22Three people are also the subject of criminal charges, following their arrest on 21.

A struggle that continues

FRAPRU salute the courage shown by the hundreds of people who attended the Camp. It considers that their determination bodes well for the continuation of the struggle for the right to housing. The organization will focus on the strategy during the next year at its Congress to be held in Quebec City from June 12 to 14

However, significant moments can already be identified, including federal elections next autumn. The Conservative government, which, despite its new budget surpluses, refusing to extend subsidies for existing social housing and pay more than crumbs to finance new homes, will pay the price Opposition parties not to take ‘clear commitments about the future of social housing could also be targeted. That could be the case of the Liberal Party of Canada if the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, does not come out of its present silence.

Program review that engages the Couillard government will also be monitored closely by FRAPRU. In late June, the Quebec Housing Corporation must indeed submit a report to the President of the Treasury Board, Martin Coiteux which could impose new cuts to social housing interventions.

On leaving the camp for the right to housing, FRAPRU guard more than ever the focus on its big claims or the funding of 50,000 new social housing units in five years and maintain federal subsidies to those that already exist.

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National Week of Action on Housing Sept 23-30

Thanks Ontario!

Go To:http://housing4all.ca/news/federal-election-campaign-officially-kicked-off-get-ready-for-the-national-week-of-action-on

Lets do something local!


Participants of the Vote Housing for All (VH4A) Network will be taking part in the National Week of Action on Housing from September 23 to 30th. Through various means, groups and organizations of all types from across the country are invited to play a role in increasing awareness of affordable and social housing as an election issue during that week.

”Action” on housing issues can take many forms: organize a roundtable with regional candidates, hold a press conference, organize a public march, write an op-ed for your local paper, take out digital or traditional ads of key messages, highlight commitments of those candidates pledging to champion federal re-invesment in housing, door knock to encourage Canadians to vote based on housing platforms, etc.

The VH4A Network is happy to highlight any such activities on its housing4all.ca news and activity feed.

The Vote Housing for All Network is made up of dozens of national, regional, and local groups and associations located throughout Canada, all aiming to make affordable and social housing a federal election issue in 2015. Although participants of the Network might have slightly different mandates and stakeholders, we all support:

1. the development of a national housing strategy;
2. the recognition that housing is a human right; and,
3. federal re-investment in housing

Furthermore, the Network agrees that the federal government must invest in housing with a minimum of $2 billion annually to maintain social housing stock.

Join us in making housing a key election issue in 2015!

For more information, please email:  righttohousingcoalition@gmail.com

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Hothead Responds to Double Tongued Response.

With all due respect to the author, I needed to respond to this letter I just read in Times Columnist: Crisis-driven fixes won’t erase homelessness”.

I also want to support Lisa Helps call for Mayors across Canada to put up a tent in support of the need for social housing to be built, I take this further and ask that we all, on behalf of Canadians who are working poor and poor,  go and tent with the Mayors in solidarity and help inspire Social Housing at 30% of income be built!  We can create a LOT of jobs!

Bravo to Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps for putting homelessness back on Victoria’s political agenda. It’s been a critical issue for years and council’s efforts to wrestle with difficult solutions are to be applauded.”

Lisa Helps, to be clear, supports Social Housing at 30 % of income. Its what the feds stopped doing and the provinces mostly did not take up the slack with the transfer payments that came to them from feds!

The solution is social housing and I agree with Martin Luther Kings work before he was murdered, a guaranteed livable income, also known as a Basic Income is a solution many now support. UNTIL SOCIAL HOUSING IS BUILT we MUST HELP FOLKS, and harm reduction is the best way, as it supports a reality that people want more than what society offers. A reality most in society do not want to hear. We can use Mini Tent Cities and Micro Housing to help ease the burden of our homeless AS WE INSURE SOCIAL HOUSING BE BUILT, WE CAN DO THIS IF WE CHOOSE TO.

Have you not read Dr. Gabor Mate? He speaks clearly, eloquently and with great experience about harm reduction, what you write here is contradicting as heck.

Harm reduction is regarded internationally (by Nimrod politicians and narrow minded folks who ignorantly repeat mixed messaging and make themselves look like they DO NOT want to change the messed up economic system) as a Band-Aid solution. Indeed, harm-reduction solutions are seen as essentially “harm acceptance,” (again, only by those who ignorantly repeat false teachings) a perpetuation of a “welfare state,” (the only welfare state we have is the one whereby corporations GET GET GET and we the people get shafted) “…when the most desirable focus should be on full and meaningful reintegration into society”.

No actually, this society is a bloody MESS that needs shifting and many of us want total economic shift to one that is equitable, does not destroy environment and is not into criminalising the poor and holding onto this ‘I can fix you poor’ mentality.

“This is key, because it is about believing in the individual, even if that individual does not yet believe in himself or herself.”

Harm Reduction helps many, not all, just as rehab helps many and not all

Of course, it is better that a person injects with a clean syringe, than an infected one. But what next?”

Better health as a result of clean needles; Community building happens in that exchange as folks are empowered to be a part of community and to be a part of a needle exchange, not always dependent on workers and their 9-5 jobs.

As we work with folks where they are, they often get healthier, some use illicit drugs and are part of society till they die, others stop, some take years to heal. IF WE HAD HOMES FOR ALL and DECRIMINILISE we’d not have the crisis we are in now!

Of course, it is good to give someone a meal. But what next?”

How about a home they can afford and help building community for them within their own communities.

Of course, offer a cot on a cold and freezing night. But what next?”

(A home! Until they are built mini tent cities, like the ones in Oregon whereby folks chose NOT TO GO INTO SHELTERS or into the sick building offered. Instead wanting to live together outdoors, they live in their own micro housing village, some of them moved on, many are not on welfare as, they think this system is a mess, and IT IS! These villages often become places whereby folks get empowered to lobby governments and, in my dreams and visions, get HOMES BUILT!

More and more are sick of society and lets face it, WE NEED SYSTEMIC CHANGE FAST OR WE ALL MAY BURN, WE HAVE GOT SOME ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS TO DEAL WITH AND YET, HERE WE ARE CONFUSED STILL ABOUT SOCIAL HOUSING/SYSTEMIC CHANGE/BANDAID SOLUTIONS VERSUS REAL CHANGE WHEN MOST OF US CANNOT TAKE RISKS NEEDED TO INSURE SYSTEMIC CHANGE OCCURS and, even when we do the oppressive system can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to create healthy living areas, I know you know about this systemic oppression at the farm.)

Of course, giving a person a room is a good idea. But then what?”


Detox? Detox is only one-millionth of the solution. Camping in parks? Criminalizing those who are ill? What next?”

(Exactly, what are next, work camps? Detox on demand has not been happening for far too long now, people who want treatment have to wait a long time, especially if they are poor! And I repeat, SOCIAL HOUSING is where folks need to go after treatment. Supportive housing is temporary although, it’s MOSTLY WHAT DEAN FORTIN GAVE US!! At least Lisa Helps knows we need help to get money from feds and provinces to build social housing!! I want folks to come forward and support all their Mayors across Canada and tent with them one night all across Canada! That is what I want to support)

This concerns me as to wording:

People who are homeless crave human connection, empowerment, purpose and meaningful work. So create community, rehabilitation, vocational training and meaningful work (CRTW). Offer a hand up, not a hand out.”…“This will provide the best opportunity for full reintegration into society. “

(Again, you think society is good, it is not, it creates this mess and we need to change society not just think we got to fix these poor souls who end up on streets CAUSE THERE ARE NO AFFORDABLE HOMES, JOBS SUCK KAPITALIST ASS AND MANY DO NOT WANT THOSE JOBS! Criminalization of illicit drugs and the criminalization of the poor needs to change! Meaningful work must be driven and dictated by the people and their desires/visions, not this latest example of “wanta be fascist” government’s we have been oppressed under well over 20 years now.)

Prevention, or “closing the front door” of homelessness, means, for example, targeting high-probability points of entry, such as discharges from psychiatric or correctional facilities — not just with housing, but with CRTW.”

(The Calvinistic work ethic died years ago and we got to slow down production! Enuff said! The more we ignore social housing being built, that would be a lot of jobs created, the more people pile up on streets the more mental health situations we will have to deal with. People do drugs to deal with PAIN! Remember that key point please!

Most folks are too narrow in our thinking and too narrow in life experience, I know the author and he has good intentions and yet, this letter comes off all against harm reduction and I am afraid I need to call out the author as confused and misdirected, with all due respect.)

Treatment asserts that many of those struggling on our streets, or languishing in shelters or isolated in housing projects, can also benefit from a CRTW approach. Treat the underlying issues.”

(Again, the jobs this society wants us to work in are sick and death industry jobs, like gas and oil, retail is mostly selling gross plastic krap, people want to grow food, lets get back to basics and listen to what folks are really saying, not tell them what they want, this conference you went to seems to have been filled up with folks who are being sucked back into a Calvinistic work ethic, the likes of which many of us want to dismantle and live happier lives that HELP the planet and life and not destroy it like Tar Sands and Gas and Oil Industry as well as most retail krap)

There has been too much confusion, misdirection and discrimination against the homeless, addicted and mentally ill. They have been estranged and cast out to wander about. Homelessness, addiction and mental illness, even today, are all too often considered crimes to be punished, a disgrace to be hushed up, a personality weakness to be deplored or a welfare problem to be handled as cheaply as possible.”

(THIS IS WHERE WE AGREE! So, why not work to decriminalise rather than attack Harm Reduction when its one of the only things that may be able to help us transition to a non-criminalised society which wants health in as many ways as possible? Harm reduction is a thing we need to think of in terms of planet and life itself, we all need more harm reduction not shit on this idea? Harm Reduction helps us understand we are in pain and need pain relief, humans did fine with pain relief long before the USA came in and made it a crime!!! Lets try realizing we are all slaves to a system which oppresses us!? Go from there how about?)

This is a quest for humanity, and of benevolence, of understanding, of wisdom, of compassion, of empathy, of taking positive strategic action and of providing answers. This is about shattering stigma, confusion, fears and prejudice around poverty, addictions, mental illness and homelessness through education, leadership and inclusivity. This is about focusing on the core underlying issues and creating real and lasting solutions by thinking and acting “outside the cardboard box.

This is about our collective humanity.”

YOU JUST DESCRIBED HARM REDUCTION! Harm Reduction can bring people together to learn form each other in every community. I really want to know what conference you went to as I am thinking it is weird that you came out of it this confused? I am going to guess the attack on harm reduction came out of UK, Europe for sure and yes, Canadian Governments have been slow to support harm reduction cause its about long term systemic change.

Treatment asserts that many of those struggling on our streets, or languishing in shelters or isolated in housing projects, can also benefit from a CRTW approach. Treat the underlying issues.”

The biggest underlying issues are systemic oppression and Calvinistic work ethics: this kkkapitalist work ethic must change! Harm Reduction has helped diverse folks meet together and work together for change, we all have a story, all homeless are in pain, well, no surprise as most housed are in pain too. Why? Systemic oppressive work ethics that suck our life, tell us how we must live and how we must die! We got work to do and, leaning on old Kapitalist systems/beliefs will not help. Sure, you might be ok today, but, you all know that any day now you can loose it all and be homeless so, lets get with it!

Prevention and treatment not only offer respite to those experiencing homelessness and their loved ones, they will lighten the burden on social services, policing and municipal crews as well.”

Everyone waking up and realizing we all got to work to do on changing this system, which is oppressive, is a truth I want us to agree on soon, or it may be too late.

Decriminalizing illicit drugs will lighten the load on police, creating Social Housing and building Affordable Social Housing for working poor will lighten load of police, fighting for a Basic Income Guarantee will lighten load of police, as the police “police the poor” at 75% of their own budget.

There has been too much confusion, misdirection and discrimination against the homeless, addicted and mentally ill. They have been estranged and cast out to wander about. Homelessness, addiction and mental illness, even today, are all too often considered crimes to be punished, a disgrace to be hushed up, a personality weakness to be deplored or a welfare problem to be handled as cheaply as possible.”

Again, decriminalise illicit drugs and poverty; the solution to ending poverty and unnecessary suffering, as Martin Luther King figured around 1967, was social housing and a basic income. MLK Jr, figured out that “there were more poor white men than poor black men in America and that this was not simply a race issue”.  Beware: if the fascist Harper led neo conservatives know you want to end poverty, you will lose your funding! Now THAT is a BIG problem we got to focus on!

In ending I love the homeless on a farm idea, and:

All 13 municipalities are parties to homelessness. All 13 have homeless people living in bushes, shelters or vehicles. All have former residents who gravitated to downtown Victoria, and all have something unique to contribute to solving this problem.

All need to drop an attitude of “someone else solving this somewhere else.

This is a quest for humanity, and of benevolence, of understanding, of wisdom, of compassion, of empathy, of taking positive strategic action and of providing answers. This is about shattering stigma, confusion, fears and prejudice around poverty, addictions, mental illness and homelessness through education, leadership and inclusivity. This is about focusing on the core underlying issues and creating real and lasting solutions by thinking and acting “outside the cardboard box.”

Agreed, and on that note:

Lets support Lisa Helps call for Mayors across Canada to tent one night in October in support of voting in a government which will take care of building Social Housing at 30% of income For Poor and Working Poor!

Also, in the meantime, let’s push for Safe Consumption Sites to go up sooner than later, as well we can all lobby for a Basic Income!

kym a. hines aka: hothead


IMG_1687 IMG_1705 IMG_1703 IMG_1278

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“Community Policing:Better Relationships or Better Surveillance?” By Dionne Molloy

Thanks Ashley M. for sharing this great article:

I just had to share Dionne Molloy’s article written for The Volcano, you can go here to read from source:


Here are more photo’s of police taking photo’s of us while at No Olympics On Stolen Native Land convergence during Olympics, this was tent city day.

IMG_0816 IMG_0818

Here are police in Victoria on roof of police station in Viktoria during a POLICE OUT OF HEALTHCARE rally, after the OlymPIGS!


I thought Dionne’s article was timely as many here in Viktoria work on finishing our

*City of Victoria: Community Action Plan – Discrimination (CAP-D)                            Briefing Paper on Policing Services provided by the Victoria Police Department (VicPD)

We move forward for change, cause we know more and more we are the only ones who can make a difference, we have got to take our security culture back!  Our Police Chief is still under the thumb of Harper, do not forget that all over Kanada!



To Read Full Article.

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My Health

Well, just got back from lung specialist Dr. Heather Clarke extraordinaire and have some good news:

The pneumonia is cleared!  I’ve also been using pleurisy root since I heard I had a hole as a result of blood not getting thru pneumonia and a part of my lower lung went necro; the hole is gone!  Thanks to my friend Ivonna Rumble for that one!

I was however given a strict set of guidelines till end of August:

REST REST REST!  Back in the day it took a year to heal from this, nowadays we think as soon as it’s cleared, we can go back to same old same old.

I have to go to the dentist and get the tooth pulled which was infected badly last year summer, the one which caused the lung infection as it dripped down into my lung while I slept, I was unaware I had walking pneumonia for, what she feels was possibly 8 months before diagnosis!  Thus the two week hospital.  I am grateful for the nurses of Ward 8 North, you folks really were all wonderful, helped me a lot.  Nurses can use our support as well, as administrators are traitors to health care at this time, in BC anyways, folks, we got some protesting work to do if we really want health care!

She repeated REST REST REST and take care of the teeth.  She even called my general practitioner to insure I get in and get that bad one pulled asap.  Turns out, I got a hold of Cool Aid just an hour ago, the woman who answered heard my story and got me in this Thursday! DOH!  Anybody want to drive me?  I got to be there 0940 am, I don’t think I should drive or ride my bike, as I believe it’s gonna be gross and make me head light!


I still have thrush / yeast and, it’s going to take a few more months for that to completely heal, I have been impatient iwth that one and am grateful for the folks who are helping me purchase Kefir drinks for daily use and continue to help me with my needs to continue to double the acidophilus as well!  I am happy to announce I still no longer smoke tobacco thanks to the Quit Now program!

I cannot travel until September as far as flying etc.., thank goodness since I was most honored to be asked to speak at a conference in Toronto.

On behalf of Raising the Roof, I was asked to come and speak about my early homeless experience for the Child & Family Homelessness Stakeholder Summit being held in Toronto on September 17, 2015. At the summit, they will be discussing and disseminating the preliminary findings of their Child & Family Homelessness Initiative.

I am keen to hear about their findings, and, not to give away my short talk but, I hope that, what I share about how Social Housing, a Guaranteed Livable Income and decriminalisation of illicit drugs could have saved my mom and siblings a lot of trauma, that it may help influence others to help fight for them as well.  A new LEAC friend, Lived Experience Advisory Council, she asked I bring up how parents who are homeless are kept from their children and that is not right.  I will not only advocate on behalf of her and other parents, I encouraged her to go ahead on an art project which I think is critical and powerful, I’ll let her tell you that story.

May this blog find you all in good health, if not, may you have the strength to get thru your health crisis, never give up, never give in!  Reach out, others can help!

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Open Door with Lisa Helps

Mayor Lisa Helps open door.  I appreciate how she shares information by not doing a closed door with each person, she is practicing democracy and it helps us all to know what is going on for other citizens.  What we may learn right off is how many folks actually do care and have great ideas, which, all to often are not able to move forward.

Here is a photo of Lisa at that first session CTEHV members went to whereby we had a female homeless vehicle dweller share at this meeting. I highly recommend you go to them just to experience democracy within a anti oppression model.  Lisa is good at ensuring all are heard no matter what opinion’s exist in the room.


Thanks for that Lisa, I hope all future Mayors do the same!  So, for me, I went to do follow up re: Homeless Vehicle Dwellers:

It was suggested by Lisa Helps that the Centennial Square parking lot be used as their is security and bathrooms.

We also asked for a parking sticker for their vehicles, so that homeless vehicle dwellers can go to services etc and not worry about paying for parking meters or worry about parking overnight on a city street or getting towed.

We will be hearing from City of Victoria July and August re: this issue.

I am pleased City staff are working on it currently, thank you!

Kym Hothead


PS:  Like Micro Housing and Mini Tent Cities, these ideas like parking stickers for homeless vehicle dwellers are good Harm Reduction ideas, and, since these are changing times, I feel the need to back this stuff up with Rallies, Protest, and Hitting the Streets to Educate about Social Housing, go to:


IMG_1691 IMG_1278 IMG_1009 IMG_0844 IMG_0993 DSC_0373

ALSO: email me at thawvictoria@gmail.com if you want to be a part of a

Stand for Social Housing, I’d love a monthly LARGE group for summer:


We also need continued support for  YES2SCS:


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