InTent Healing Continues Uniting.

Very powerful meeting this am at InTent!  I love what is happening before our eyes and HIGHLY recomend you get down there and bare witness just in the day to day, not to mention friday, tomorow, we ahve an oppurtunity to learn how to be a witness when raging grannies arrive and Alison Acker will offer to step aside and do a training.
Today really moved me, learned a lot, feel ever more connected. Support grows daily!
Thank you to folks for sharing all the mixed feelings about the Youth Detention / Jail.  Like I wrote, some can see potential and, if given the opportunity would bring healing, art, food creation, gardens, mini tent cities, micro housing etc.
Thanks to Sherman and his sharing, offering new insights into what diversity can look like while we actually work to change NOW and for some of us, its a continuation and we got to be open and humble.


Folks, I and others are learning and we have a lot of wisdom of experience and for many, its the first time some of them are being heard by community.
THE first time, so,  I think we can give them some time right?  I heard Sherman speak of accountability which is part of acceptance for him, and for many.  We got to work shit out in every moment, no one deserves more or less respect than anyone else.
Yes, we can respect our diverse gifts, many of us have done diverse sorts of “time” in this system. Some have ahd to do time in jail, some have had to do time in upper corporate hell, I would NOT wish that on my enemy!
think outside that box.
I want to thank others as well, asking for forgiveness for behaviors and explaining them to us all so openly and with humbleness.
It was a powerful thing to bare witness to. I am grateful once again to Dandelion Society for insuring a homeless person gets help with teeth care, he has been in a lot of pain, and has an appointment monday, now he is going to have peroxide and ibuprofen for pain and keeping it clean. Others there also have tooth issues and, no doubt we can bring a few bottles of hydrogen peroxide, use a bit with a some water and rinse well, 2X 200 mg Ibuprofen, follow directions re: maximum, do test to insure you are not allergic…
it helps with inflammation.
I am not impressed with police disrespecting circle time.  When they come theya re disruptive.
Here they are again today being disruptive.
Grandma and a visiting homeless who is accessing the shelter system followed him around camp, he stated he was doing a walk around to try and find stolen bikes.  Fair enough, but, do you really have to come during the meeting time two days in a row?
I get why Ministry people are coming around…
A People United Will Never Be Defeated!
Good on you InTent and visitors who are helping to give a “six up” to meeting folks.
I noticed way more folks are going over and backing each other up, this is community.  I am proud of us today.  We did good with helping keep folks warm and insuring buddies were with camera folks. Have a good day folks.
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Straight Up Jail:Old Site Stirs Memories

I was grateful to get a ride with Dandelion Society to go and view the old youth detention center way out on Helmecken area, and, at least one other was grateful we had room to bring them back with us since Don Evans bailed on folks for a ride back who he drove up.  Disappointing.

Its kind of how some are feeling, like me, regarding how it seems like Don Evans is all about doing a great job for Poverty Industry and pleasing the horribly poor bashing Neo Liberals in helping to remove our homeless family members from public eye and NOT actually giving them real solutions, the lieks of which Lisa Helps and others actually want.  Diverse and real!

The InTent City homeless (cause there are more) are offered one year here, a few months there, some get free rent for a year (that is Laurel and Johnny, and they deserve it, and THEY GOT THEIR APARTMENT because a LAND OWNER SAW THE MEDIA THEY WERE IN AND GOT A HOLD OF LAUREL THRU FACEBOOK AND OFFERED HER AND JOHNNY THE APARTMENT!)  They get rent subsidies and the land owner is kind enuff to not charge them any rent for a year.  Meanwhile, although a beautiful gesture, the government is not building homes now therefore far too many others are still on knees begging for a home they can afford and which is NOT managed by a bully (that seems harder and harder these days and, I am grateful that CRD insures, so far as I can tell from my own experience, that managers are NOT bullies, not all property managers care if someone is a bully or not, as long as they stick to budget, its like a standford experiment within apartments all across colonial hell exist and we got to wake up and fix this violent mess)

Anywas…back to the Neo Liberals who are NOT building social housing for over 20 years, same with the Feds, its why Christi and Harper were such close buddies!

We need homes built, we need people to be allowed to build micro housing, we need mini tent cities spread out rather than allowing the over crowding at InTent currently.  We will keep uniting, we are moving forward, many are supporting InTent cause the system is threatened by it and we need to threaten the system to act in good faith and care for its citizenry!

Look to InTent for the example of what must and can be done.  It might seem hard but, we got to keep encouraging homeless at InTent to get involved in their own destinies, to help empower their voices to come forward, to go to those we know and encourage the fuck outa that shit!  If not now when?  This homeless issue is tied into how we are living and folks want to change that, globally, and we must act locally and globally.

Now is the time for our homeless to be heard and to lead themselves with community support.  We as humans have got to grow the heck up and InTent is making us!

Much community is supporting and I am pissed at Don Evans for his CFAX interview and what he said re: activist’s at InTent, I have to say its so typical of Poverty Industry Charity Modeled people to blame community who go in who’ve known many of our homeless for years, way before Don moved here for the Our Place job, they could NOT find anyone who’d take it on locally, it was loaded with such bad karma.  So Do Not judge, you have no idea!  We will deal with our own, you are still a visitor and a newbie as far as I am concerned.  Stop saying you have respect but acting like you only respect the crown!

So, here we are now, after all the meetings with this man Don, and I can safely say it is great that we are forgiving and a kind people, that we politicize this cause, he is not listening.  In my opinion.  He is like a machine who is “on it” for the Neo Liberal boss and I am thinking we have all got to keep right on helping and supporting each other as much and as often as possible to support our homeless campers, help with needs of all the campers, ALL of them.  Many have said they want to stand in the way of police and take an arrest if need be.  That is something I had before never heard.   I heard it now!  The times have changed!  I can almost say its a miracle really…

No One Left Behind!  Not one illicit drug user, not one alcoholic, not one person suffering with mental health not one person left behind.  Real solutions for each person, what do you want folks/groups/individuals?  Think of it and let us know so we can insure it happens, I can tell you I think we all got to lead in getting this all to happen.  Again, a Livable Income we all fight for would be helpful in ending unnecessary pain and much unnecessary sorrow, that is another article down road. Please forgive my long windedness.

I do not want to watch as police divide homeless anymore.  As soon as homeless organise the system wants to attack.  Here we have the Province offering an old youth detention center.  I was triggered on the one hand, and on the other hand I could see potential.

Its typical of us as humans to see the best in a crisis.  I can BET that all the ideas and dreams of cooking in that cool kitchen, taking out all locks, allowing the homeless campers to go in now and paint away the jail energy and pain that is built into the design will not happen, not like folks imagine it can!

Folks at InTent IN FRONT OF LISA HELPS asked if they can please be a part of staff like working front desk/gate, (that does not happen at My Place and now folks asked for it at this new spot and Don is like “Oh Yeah, we are going to do that….”

Yeah, like you are doing it at My Place?  How is that exactly?  This jail aka old juvenile center is far away, buss rides are promised four times a day, that is money. Staff is also a high part of budget, I hear its for a year, how much is this going to cost and why did Don say it was a sure thing gonna open in two weeks?

Breaks my heart that Bones is so desperate for a home due to the fact he needs surgery, he has to go into this facility.  Does anyone have a home for him till he gets into surgery?  I am putting up on facebook for Bones his video request for a home.  Instead…

THIS is what is offered, an old facility which has power over structures built in. for ONE year only.  Many homeless will still exist in Lkwungen Territory aka Victoria and spots at InTent will fill up fast.

Why?  Cause homeless people took it upon themselves to stay in one spot.  Katherine, Satan, and many others risked arrest in those first few weeks and the word got out and BOOM, InTent City, BUT, it got support, Lisa Helps responded to the request for help  as she did when we approached her around the idea of bringing micro housing to Victoria, why?  Cause we asked and we managed to get organised.  Its what we ALL can do around housing and a livable income.

Enough is enough.

Would you want to live here?


In the end, not me.  I’d rather see it get completely made into housing NOW which can be permanent.  Right?

We can create micro housing around the buildings, there is plenty of room, have the tent city outside and actually have folks living there help build and create a constitution like Abby DIggs and they staff it and poverty pimpers can move on and help other homeless create same till we all can do work we love and help heal the planet and grwo food or what ever else besides poverty industry, which is what is offered in this system which creates poverty!  We suffer unnecessary pain due to a dumb ass economic system which has to die already!


The last foto is of a rat, kind of cute /  intense but, a rat no less.

I smell a rat.  the end.





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Point in TIme Homeless COunt Wrinkles.

Point in Time Count of our homeless family members in Lkwungen Territory aka Victoria has been delayed as volunteer folks ran out of forms and stipend and had to run back to City Hall and get help. Right now folks are at Super InTent doing a count and waiting for City Hall runners to return.  I know folks were looking for the counters from 5pm onward, communication could have been helped by info on posters/leaflets.
So far, I’d say its got some big wrinkles on this front.  Seems like maybe GVCTEH screwed up a bit though, no deets on posters, Poverty Heads like Don Evans at Our Place did NOT insure staff at Our Place were informed…, so far, they got till 10pm and it is supposed to end then. I am not sure how many volunteers are out there but, all the best to you all.
Oh my…you need it.
I appreciate you volunteering and, I worry that many are not getting counted who are red zoned, like at least two who are red zoned from InTent tonight.
Red Zones, do NOT get me started!
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Today’s Photo Story at InTent City

I was so grateful to be able to once again attend a meeting, I have been away due to a move into another social hosing location, I feel like I may settle here, this post though is not about CRD housing.

It was so good to be back at an InTent 10 am meeting!  I sure missed you folks.

Thanks to homeless campers present at meeting I got all caught up to the Province’s offers thru Don Evans @ Our Place/My Place No Place like our Own Home place, and, well, many campers were pretty much calling out poverty industry for what it is.  In the meantime it seems clear that VICPD officers were told to show more presence, Id guess, since I heard from homeless that many media and more Police presence for sure have been felt this past few days and over last week end.  Today Globe and Mail were just hanging out waiting for that shot and I hope its respectful, look for it tomorow or thursday in Globe and Mail. I heard from one camper that Globe has been good so, lets hope that continues and they do not suddenly turn.

I caution all to beware as media (Chek 6 news at the last tent city on Pandora Green, they were horrible) in past have worked with police to stalk our homeless family members if and when they think they are involved in “illicit drug culture”.

Here are a series of photo’s, most of them taken within moments of each other, the uniformed police were present, Ministry was there seeking a youth and they were not really keen on saying who they were, at first I thought they were detectives, but tjhey were ministry, they are not in foto’s but, two other uniforms were escorted thru camp by Chrissy:



Is that the new PR officer who replaced Mike?



In my opinion, the police were disrespectful of the fact a meeting was going on and nothing seemed pressing except their need to be interuptive.  I suggested at circle that during meeting times: InTent tenants might want to approach them when they come and inform them its meeting time, they can either join meeting or come back later unless it’s urgent or they are in pursuit of a violent offender or seeking a youth who may be in possible danger.  That we’d prefer to not interrupt the meeting.  I was taught that, when in a first nations talking circle, we are all meant to stay to the end, so that we honor all voices and that we all get a chance to hear from each other, that is the respectful way.  There are exceptions and, when ever possible it is asked that we stay till end.

Here are last foto’s of morning, with folks being escorted thru camp by a camp tenant and a camp supporter, that is respectful and protective of all.




I had some great visits, some of us came up with ways we can use our voice as a fellow had suggested like in mantra or toning, jsut using our voice together to unite as one.


I know, it sounds so cheesy hey, but anyways, turns out there is lots of cheesy love goodness at camp and, loads of protection of each other as well so, poor bashers are having a hard time of it these says in Viktoria and that makes me hopeful!  Yes we got some guy who drives maybe a van at feels like 80 kmh at some ungodly hour like 0400 and zI encouraged folks get film of that vehicle, he is male, we now have more camera’s present and we hope to ask police for help with this dangerous driver.

Otherwise, there seems to be a lot of love still, orgnasing, some want to learn more about micro housing, some want open air, seems like none so far want the old detention center however so, yeah…



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SOS! ALERT; CRD Housing and Other Housing Needs “Community Building”!

I cannot believe it but, a certain neighbour, the one who left these notes:

He has now left these two, both today.  I took the first one down, went and did an erand and came back to this one.

Why you may ask?  Because I keep shutting the laundry room door to help keep scents away from my entry way where scents linger from hall.  I get scents off of my balcony, as you all know.  This is the same man who kept putting stinky lysol type product on hall rugs, made CRD replace the rug in front of my door and that did not help.  It is why I am leaving, in the end.

I am being poisoned by a neighbor and, threatened as well.

I was asked to call the police, as CRD did so and let them know what was happening re: other neighbour who left shit outside my door a few times.

These are all signs of unhealthy people living isolated and NOT in community, Not dependant on each other and with much anger at the world.  They both seem to think their behaviors is alright, not surprising given state of world and so on.

We need a Livable4All Income Guarantee and Social Housing get built, NOW!  We have got to help out by putting in some time to each community.  I believe that every building where there are renters, we got to help educate the people in them.

Renters unions, renters strikes…

We can organise and, if we do not, we will all be left in the dust.  No one is gonna come and save us, we got to save ourselves and we can only do it together.

We are going to bring community building into every apartment in this and other cities across Kanada.  Can you feel the Tent City and Micro Housing movements, the land defence movements?  I can.  So can others and we Are rising against systemic abuse and creating our own home.

Come together or fall alone.

Here is some great example’s from InTent City Folks:







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The Challenge Is Whether To Squat Or Whether To Deal

Micro Housing was brought to L’kwungen Territory as a result of Bobby Arbess approaching me with the idea as a member of the Committee To End Homelessness Victoria.


We at the CTEHV spoke about the idea of bringing Mark Lakeman who helped design and build OppurtUnity Village and Andrew Heben who wrote a book “Tent City Urbanism” to Victoria.

Those of us with lived experience of homelessness and most homeless I spoke to on streets said: “Bring it on!”. I added “It’s us who has to do that, this is not charity, this is about community working together to reclaim what is ours, home and land.”

The very reason we are even supporting a Micro Housing Village is because the federal and provincial governments have been getting away with not building any where close to what is needed as far as social housing @ 30% of income!

I brought Bobby to a CTEHV meeting and we got support. Mayor elect Lisa Helps supported us to access City Hall as requested in order to really get the ball rolling. I figured its best to deal with the expected backlash head on.

We met, the backlash occurred, we survived and here we are now.

In the beginning the steering committee consensed on a self-organizing harm reduction model.

This committee is made up of housed allies, some homeless, architects, builders, students, church volunteers, a city councillor and more working away preparing for building! The trick is “where”?

“The Take Back the Land campaign is rooted in the following principles: 

– Housing as a Human Right.
– Land and adequate housing should not be commodities to enrich the elite but instead, like air, should be protected as a common good.
– Local Community Control over Housing.
– Leadership by Impacted Communities, particularly low-income First Nations women.
– Direct Action…”

Picture the Homeless is an organization founded on the principle that in order to end homelessness, people who are homeless must become an organized, effective force for systemic change. We have a track record of developing leadership among homeless people to impact policies and systems that affect their lives and our efforts have created space for homeless people, and their agenda, within the broader movement…

… The catalyst for our founding was an urgent need to respond to the Giuliani administration’s policy of criminalizing homeless people, broadly supported by the media. The co-founders of Picture the Homeless (PTH) began reaching out to allies for support, a place to meet and to figure out strategies to create an organization of homeless people that could carry out this work. In January 2000, PTH held its first organizing meeting. Picture the Homeless has since worked to develop an organization directed and run by homeless people by building an infrastructure that keeps organizational decision-making in the hands of homeless people.”*1

Meanwhile In colonial Victoria we have many people who are institutionalized by the poverty industry and the charity model. Stigma affects us in the long run in the most hurtful ways to community.

We do not have a Carnegie like in the DTES. Our homeless are constantly shuffled around for as long as I have lived here since 1996. Criminalised illicit drug users are often barred from services and red zoned from area’s where services exist.

Many think all the homeless need is a job. Most jobs are destructive and many will no longer work them! It is time to make the economic changes necessary for us all to have a future.

We have the right to sleep from 7pm to 7am but we have no right to land or rest.

In Oregon the occupy movement helped the homelessness build their own community, they are now a thriving micro house village and community.

We must go to where the poor are, find and use space to meet in and include them in every way.

The trick is to organize with the homeless themselves as much and as often as possible.

On the Micro Housing Steering Committee we have many who have worked really hard and care a great deal, some are homeless right now and I appreciate their presence and input.

The bottom line is, fall and winter is around the corner, homeless may put up tents illegally or wait for money, support – and possibly supervision – from those in power – and to build homes that the local neighbourhood will accept.

This will take time.  Can we afford to wait?

Unity is the best answer to this divide and rule colonial system. Us learning to live together all over, unlearning oppressive behaviours together and empower all homeless family members to have a voice.

(*1-Rob Robinson from Take Back The Land)

Here are photo’s from actual squatters at the Squat, “Super InTent City”, which is getting a LOT of support and attention across Canada.  They number anywhere from 80 – 100 homeless campers.  Most do NOT want a temporary costly poverty industry situation, they rather stay here.  Many in social housing are miserable and isolated, having to move an average of once every two years, as often as twice in one month.  We are in a economic crisis and the ONLY solution is a Livable Income For All and Build Homes Now, build them diverse and look to “the people” to decide what kind of homes they want.

Stigma must be tackled and the only way I see working is a complete economic

Here are more photo’s of this actual community.  That thing we all miss and crave and die for, community, actual factual, go and meet them, we all can learn a lot.

Please help fight for a Livable4All Income.

In Solidarity


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More Stigma Since My Place Shelter Opened!

I am defiantly dealing with more public stigma at my daughters school since the media campaign which is rooted in Poor Bashing started with the opening of a temporary shelter the Province is calling Transitional Housing.  Nothing new re: poor bashing stigma in media, been going on and getting worse for years now.  Radical feminist’s such as myself used to be able to counter this stigma, they were on it, well, until most women’s centers were shut down!

Just saying!


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