So, for years now many folks have been trying different versions of this idea below on video, some even here in Lkwungen WSANEC.

This fellow helped a lot with this version below.

Local homeless now want to make a version that binners can use for bottle collecting in daytime.  I was thinking a type of sturdy tarp that can be used for collecting and then, take that out and up pops the tent, and the tarp bag full of bottles and cans can live beside your trailer for sleep time, tie it to tent if need be.

If you are interested in helping support homeless do this, drop me a line, things are forming on ground.  Now we got to hook up each community with the DSHP for Autonomous Societies* to help them form a moving tent city village! 🙂

  • the DSHP stands for Diverse Social Housing Proposal for Autonomous Societies which Abby Digs, Super InTent City and many other grass roots self governing groups fed and gleened from.  Ask me if you are interested in having a copy to use for your own community you want to form or are in process of forming like a COOP or Social Housing or Tent City or Micro House Village: take it, use it, and you can feed the document as well.