I am disgusted by this article!
It is loaded with Ignorance for one, no research for another!
Do not seek knowledge within this article, no knowledge of the past lies within it, no research on the facts for example, like how our queer community INCLUDING QUEER POLICE (who had to hide they were queer due to the attacks by police on queers) never would have nor even thot to invite the police to any Pride Parade!
This is ridiculous:

“Twenty years ago, members of Vancouver’s LGBT community celebrated a milestone: for the first time in the history of the city’s Pride parade, the chief of police would participate with a contingent of uniformed officers.

WTF happened Vancouver?  Already lost your past twenty years ago?  How did I miss this?  “At the time, it was heralded as a mark of progress — a sign of approval from one of society’s most conservative institutions.”

Like we need approval from one of societies most conservative institutions!  That is a fact there, not many within this article?

We did Pride to be to be in the face of society (Loud and Proud) which wanted us to hide who were were.  We risked social stigma, losing our jobs and, far too often some of our queer family got beaten for Marching. I’d watch Kops ignore violent threats near us and walk away during our first Pride March in Calgary!  (LGBTQ folks in Winnipeg’s first Gay PRide offered paper bags to hide face’s with, and they were used, I was there)

Not to mention how Dale Quiring in the middle of the photo below, is known by many to have been verbally abusive to predominantly poor women in the DTES, and now he works for the gay community in the west end, where I am sure he enjoys partying with the boys.  He wouldn’t be the first misogynist gay man!  Look at the smirk on the face of the Seattle PD, Oh, Why is the Seattle PD in the photo? Anyways…


From left to right: Velvet Steele, who sits on VPD’s LGBTQ advisory panel; VPD’s diversity officer Const. Dale Quiring; and Seattle PD officer James Ritter. Over the past years, the VPD has implemented many programs and initiatives for the LGBT community. (Simon Charland-Faucher/CBC)

They speak about this 20 year old story video here “A mark of progress”, more like a mark of ignorance and privelege! Mostly by men I’d guess!  How many women were on that Pride working collective that year?  Were they all so ignorant, was it unanimous? 


Try a 50 year old story! Do Your Homework Pride Vancouver, CBC and Kops!   :

“The Stonewall riots (also referred to as the Stonewall uprising or the Stonewall rebellion) were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the gay (LGBT) community[note 1] against a police raid that took place in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn, located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of ManhattanNew York City. They are widely considered to constitute the single most important event leading to the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for LGBT rights in the United States.[2][3]

Gay Americans in the 1950s and 1960s faced an anti-gay legal system.[note 2][4] Early homophile groups in the U.S. sought to prove that gay people could be assimilated into society, and they favored non-confrontational education for homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. The last years of the 1960s, however, were very contentious, as many social/political movements were active, including the Civil Rights Movement, the counterculture of the 1960s, and the anti-Vietnam War movement. These influences, along with the liberal environment of Greenwich Village, served as catalysts for the Stonewall riots.

Very few establishments welcomed openly gay people in the 1950s and 1960s. Those that did were often bars, although bar owners and managers were rarely gay. At the time, the Stonewall Inn was owned by the Mafia.[5][6] It catered to an assortment of patrons and was known to be popular among the poorest and most marginalized people in the gay community: drag queenstransgender people, effeminate young men, butch lesbiansmale prostitutes, and homeless youth. Police raids on gay bars were routine in the 1960s, but officers quickly lost control of the situation at the Stonewall Inn. They attracted a crowd that was incited to riot. Tensions between New York City police and gay residents of Greenwich Village erupted into more protests the next evening, and again several nights later. Within weeks, Village residents quickly organized into activist groups to concentrate efforts on establishing places for gays and lesbians to be open about their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested.

After the Stonewall riots, gays and lesbians in New York City faced gender, race, class, and generational obstacles to becoming a cohesive community. Within six months, two gay activist organizations were formed in New York, concentrating on confrontational tactics, and three newspapers were established to promote rights for gays and lesbians. Within a few years, gay rights organizations were founded across the U.S. and the world. On June 28, 1970, the first gay pride marches took place in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco[7] and Chicago commemorating the anniversary of the riots.

[to get a sense of why things changed, think about how, at first we had poor who fought police, then, well, lets read]

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and police departments kept lists of known homosexuals, their favored establishments, and friends; the U.S. Post Office kept track of addresses where material pertaining to homosexuality was mailed.[14] State and local governments followed suit: bars catering to homosexuals were shut down, and their customers were arrested and exposed in newspapers. Cities performed “sweeps” to rid neighborhoods, parks, bars, and beaches of gay people. They outlawed the wearing of opposite gender clothes, and universities expelled instructors suspected of being homosexual.[15] Thousands of gay men and women were publicly humiliated, physically harassed, fired, jailed, or institutionalized in mental hospitals. Many lived double lives, keeping their private lives secret from their professional ones.

In 1952, the American Psychiatric Association listed homosexuality in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) as a mental disorder. A large-scale study of homosexuality in 1962 was used to justify inclusion of the disorder as a supposed pathological hidden fear of the opposite sex caused by traumatic parent–child relationships. This view was widely influential in the medical profession.[16] In 1956, however, the psychologist Evelyn Hooker performed a study that compared the happiness and well-adjusted nature of self-identified homosexual men with heterosexual men and found no difference.[17] Her study stunned the medical community and made her a hero to many gay men and lesbians,[18] but homosexuality remained in the DSM until 1973.

Homophile activism[edit]

In response to this trend, two organizations formed independently of each other to advance the cause of homosexuals and provide social opportunities where gays and lesbians could socialize without fear of being arrested. Los Angeles area homosexuals created the Mattachine Society in 1950, in the home of communist activist Harry Hay.[19] Their objectives were to unify homosexuals, educate them, provide leadership, and assist “sexual deviants” with legal troubles.[20] ”

[Like, wow! Right? That is what was needed IF you were going to look at it honestly, however, many did not want to “rock the boat” as those at Stonewall were willing to do and were more interested in “being normal”.]

Facing enormous opposition to its radical approach, in 1953 the Mattachine shifted their focus to assimilation and respectability. They reasoned that they would change more minds about homosexuality by proving that gays and lesbians were normal people, no different from heterosexuals.[21][22] Soon after, several women in San Francisco met in their living rooms to form the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB) for lesbians.[23] Although the eight women who created the DOB initially came together to be able to have a safe place to dance, as the DOB grew they developed similar goals to the Mattachine, and urged their members to assimilate into general society.[24]”

In the early years of Pride Parades Kops would NOT protect us: In Calgary they moved away from and stood by and watched while a skin head nazi hung around us threatening us with 3 pit bulls on chains trying to jump free from them as he had them wiped up into a frenzy, kops watched and did nothing, said nothing until us lesbians went up to them and asked for them to at least get between us and him since they felt fine about it! Where were the LGBTQ kops?  Hiding in closets is where!
Why were we not welcoming LGBTQ cops to Pride?  Do you get a sense now why?  Due to POLICE VIOLENCE against OUR QUEER COMMUNITY like rapes, sexual assault’s and beat downs like why STONEWALL RIOTS HAPPENED is why.

I am sickened and angered by Vancouver and its privileged LGBTQ etc who never, I guess, ever had to worry about being beaten by cops and, due to their narrow and limited self centred privileged lives, still do NOT understand the meaning behind this:

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”

As Black Lives matter bring up what many of us never forgot!  All our lives are supposed to matter so much we step UP and fight BACK when needed and we needed and still need to now!

Vancouver :LGBTQ Pride folks seem to want to be “normal” and “fit into” this messed up racist sexist sick society that many of us are busy trying to heal and rebuild.

Anyways, I know far too many gay men who’ve been in abusive relationships with Kops who beat them, and I know a LOT like me who’d a loved to go to Pride Vancouver this year and HECKLE the HECK outa those low self esteem uneducated No Respect For Our Past Kops and the Pride Community as a whole seem fine as most of an officers time is spent Criminalising People Who Are Poor and more and more of you who are not, Criminalising Homeless and more and more housed, criminalising activist’s and all the while Rapist’s and Sex Offenders get off, both literally and as far as colonial law system!

No Justice No Peace
I am putting a call out to Vancouver LGBTQ: Get it together!  You got a year.

Hey PRIDE Vancouver!  Hey VPD LGBTQ Police:

I am so embarrassed for the LGBTQ community in Vancouver!

Hey VPD: Take of your uniforms and hang your heads in shame! 

Like this photo here, we got all kinds of folks who think its cool to “side up” alongside Kop’s, especially ones taht may or may not be a kop like the naked guys here. How many LGBTQ have gotten dressed up as a kop for some fun role playing sex, right?  Note: How many Pride Marches have you seen a Canadian Flag at?  Sheesh!? Good ole patriotic Kops, defending state property, private property,  and the rich of this colonial system of course!


Given you all know a bit more of the hirstory after reading this blog, you may understand why we never had and why, many of us never wanted to have Police in Uniform in Pride?  I’d prefer them half naked, less intimidating and more prideful!  Why be proud to be a kop given facts and history!