Means all the world to us on the front lines:  Thanks Alison Acker, Chris Kennedy, Trudy Norman, Diane Smarden, … for helping me and thanks to all housed ally’s on CTEHV who work tirelessly, Susan Ables, David Turner, all the LEOH people Peter Gould, David Tat and others who have been CTEHV members over the years who do all they can to bring forward for their communities and other LEOH people such as Hilary Marks over at GVCTEH and Bernice Kemano who is now blazing a trail for other First Nations in our communities.  I can go on but must stop as my body aches.


Thank you for all your hard work, outreach, harm reduction services, the list goes on, I think of all those helping those struggling in this society.  I think of the Dandelion Society, AVI, all on outreach, SOLID and all the work they’ve done and still do for the most stigmatized within our street community’s…  Often you are the only ones who have access to us out on streets besides the kops.  There is a LOT of social stigma, I now it cause I get a lot of it and I am not even homeless currently!

I can guarantee that you all are not getting near enuff support or resources.  Where the real work is occuring only a trickle of funding reach you!   There is never enuff in that trickle down affect, hearts are dragging on grounds and, in us getting together and sharing, we are strengthened.  This is the heart of anti poverty movement, to come together and heal, to be strong together, to be angry together, to rally and educate public is so so critical at this time.  I thank you all who work front lines for all your work, our work that brought us this far and, now we are being asked to go further, to push more and to try again.  Many of you know we need homes built yet, you watch as money gets wasted year after year as nothing structural changes and we never get the new housing starts needed for over 30 years!  Look it up!  Its true.

We can attend and support the forming of the SIC Society WANA, We Are Not Alone. (See post below)

Also, to try and help, Front Line Workers In The Field: You are on front lines and therefore see our community members more than we do.  Often, like at the PHS building, many of you are confused as to “what to do” regarding issues at the door since, their is no consistency and, you are right to be confused as that is unprofessional.  As per fire code it is your jobs to write down who comes and goes, it should not matter so much about proper id as its supposed to be more about a count for each floor in case of a fire emergency so you can have a general idea who is where and identify the most needy group that may need assistance.   What management seem to be asking you to do is to be working in collusion with VICPD currently, as PHS management are asking you to get legal ID from everyone, if they do not have proper ID they are not allowed in.  Except, this unprofessionalism goes a step further into shakey ground as far as professionalism once again:

Management at PHS created a divisive system based on favoritisms, like: He created a list of guest’s that get to come and go with out showing ID or, I have witnessed time and time again, constantly not being signed in the Log.

Some, but not all, community activist’s or housed members of community get to walk in, others like me get asked each time?  One of the people who gets to walk in without getting asked for ID or getting counted in the Log was the person who was housed, moved into tent city and indeed, without following protocol, became one of three self proclaimed managers of all of tent city with the help of VICPD, than the fire department and the Federal Government landlord of the courtyard lawn.  Two of these self proclaimed managers who DID NOT PLAY WELL WITH PEERS in community like myself, worked closely with all these systems including PHS, all the while half the tent city were not aligned with their vision, nor was there ever enough food to feed of tent city so, that is why you can feel the air crackle when one of them shares at a public meeting that they “fed all of tent city”.  They ended up acting a lot like PHS< disrespectful to some, taking sides, very unhealthy but, no surprise as we are all Healing Within and Under an Oppressive Colonial System which is unequal and has a Police State to support and protect business’s, government’s and regularly adds to the social stigma in press releases in local media of all kinds.  They get the resources while the fentanyl crisis and poverty continue to be not helped while Poverty Industry hires more and more un experienced workers.  Burn out is at an all time high, sadly.   When in doubt go to your union reps.  Join People’s  movements and healing circles.  Make poverty and this need for healing public as much as you can.  You are not alone either so, don’t wait till you got your own diagnosis and join us later…

Some people whom management liked often those alighned with PHS way / vision, they got to walk in unencumbered, while other community members such as myself who are Committee To End Homelessness, THAW, APAG, Alliance Against Displacement activist based, some of us even worked on the front line’s as a lived experience of homelessness person who also did illicit drugs, elephant tranquilizers back in the mid eighties when I had no idea wtf it was and I overdosed twice yet, did not make full sense it till this fentanyl crisis,  I was just told the elephant tranquilizer powder I was dropping for three months was carb fentanyl.  Anyways, I worked in the front line field here in Viktoria and Calgary.  I worked at: Alpha House in Calgary, one of the first wet drop ins with a detox attached, I worked Half way house, treatment center, in Victoria the womens emergency shelter (before Hormone Replacement Therapy) and my goal was to do outreach which I did with PEERS back in the day when they were seeking “someone to help develop their outreach program and work the outreach program”.  I brought in the street nurses, we split up and got more ground covered!  We did split shifts, afternoons and late nights till 0400am.

I am repetitively asked for ID every time I go to visit SIC Society members whether for meetings or follow up. Even if I leave and come right back in, I am asked each time?  This puts undue duress on staff working front desk, see video:


I ask that staff make sure you just get name of everyone whether or not they been exempt, as it is wrong to do this practice, totally unprofessional as I’ve said since day one as did many others until finally I had to do the above video.

Just write it down at least that they came in, these “exemptee’s” in case of a fire!

Leave it at the professional level, not a police state or soft incarceration jail like space.

No Soft Incarceration: Homes Not Jails.  When you see these signs, don’t take them personally, Politicise and see how are used to intimidate and criminalise, treat police professionally and get their ID badge numbers when they come in, and sign them out when they leave, its your job, used to be anyways, lead with a grounded heart and don’t shut that down, leave that open, just get help from community when you need it, we all get hurt, we heal and move on.  Remember, you are not alone, join public gatherings for healing around this crisis.


Peeps get signed in and out for fire safety, thank you for doing your jobs.  Its not easy when you work under such messy bureaucracy and that you are being told to “jack up” some for ID and others get to walk in, and that you are ok with that is not a good sign.  We ought to not do what is unjust?  You are not police.  Police have no right to walk in unencumbered, they too need to be counted, they have ID Badge numbers, I NEVER EVER worked in a service provider without signing in ALL who come for fire and safety reasons.

Respect and in the spirit of solidarity, Kim A. Hines

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