We are visitors in Lkwungen WSANEC Territories

“We are united thru trauma.”  Crystal, Brandon’s partner.

I can only share a few words as I need time to find them.  I am grateful for the much needed time for this community and family to come together and grieve the loss of Brandon to suicide.  We know he had a vision, we know he asked for help, we know we got a society to change in order to heal what needs healing, to grieve what needs grieving, to rebuild what needs rebuilding, to take apart what needs to be taken apart. No one person can do this, we can only do it together.  His death and the deaths of far too many others including the fentanyl crisis have brought us to the place of needing to unite or not survive. We also have this urgent health crisis in that more and more community members are living with and dying of cancer.

Hearts are dragging on grounds and we heal when we get together.  Yesterday we spoke of hard topics we need to deal with that most want to avoid.

More and more have seen the other side of this huge mountain of pain that the economic system creates, which is why more and more are feeling depressed as to why we cannot change this downward spiral.  We can only heal thru the trauma and I believe we got to #UniteTheFight. Doing it together is critical to a healthy community, a united and healthy community gets together at least monthly…

Brandon helped bring us together, helps to remind us to heal, and healing occurred.

His community made art, painted the walls, thanks to Crystal for helping get that happen, thanks Bernie and others who painted and washed windows!  Thanks PHS staff who helped us put donated treats onto paper plates and distributing those plates.

People in Brandon’s community were grateful to meet his birth mom and grandma who are here in this photo:


Here is the wall that residents painted and Brandon’s Skateboards that he painted.



This is Crystal being supported by a PHS staff who shared some powerful words of healing and encouragement, she is holding one of the many carved talking sticks Brandon offered to tent city community.

IMG_5804 I am going to make myself available to Brandon’s community to film them sharing Brandon’s stories on behalf of friends and family all over who were not able to attend, I will inform you all about how that progresses.

Here is a lovely photo of Brandon at Thetis Lake some years ago: