I was asked and am posting so all who want to come and speak to camera in a one on one interview or in a group after the celebration of life tomoro at 844 Johnson at 2pm main floor dining hall on behalf of family and friends who were unable to travel, as well as for posterity and on behalf of many who loved and respected him.  He was all about love and bringing community together, had a strong vision.
I was asked to film and ask you all about your love and connection to Brandon, I will lovingly and gladly film, edit and put up on our VIMEO site so all can share feely.  We are happy to hear that Brandon’s Mom and Grandma are on their way!  Some are working to see if the two of them can stay with family of other homeless who ahve a nice ranch home, instead of a at a cheap hotel.  Lets pray / send good thoughts for them.
Thank you Kym for agreeing to film Brandon’s service for his friends and family that aren’t able to be there. 

My name is Christina. Brandon was my son Emil’s best friend. I loved Brandon very much. He stayed in my home at times. Would even keep me company when Emil would go out. We’d sit in my room and watch standup comedy and make treats in the kitchen. He was always so sweet. 

I have had a number of losses in my life–a brother, a sister and recently my father. If I can impart anything to you–those that loved Brandon and are grieving his loss–is to SPEAK HIS NAME. Speak his name through the tears and the pain. Speak his name through the laughter. Speak his name even through the anger. Only through telling your stories about him will his memory live on. And by speaking his name he will continue to inspire others to live a life of meaning. 

My heart goes out to each and ever one of you and you will remain in my prayers. 


Brandon helping to pick stones for a “sacred fire” that some community members offered at tent city.


The stone he picked.


While at Choices he helped start an art program and made this while there, he was a visionary artist.