The above TC article had me confused and now I am finally posting, better late than never!

Portland Hotel Society managers misinform Times Columnist, and Bert Gets caught up in the misinformation.

Are there resident council meetings at PHS?  We are wondering due to the announcement on the website?

“Andy Bond from PHS Community Services Society — which operates the building — said the letter is partially inaccurate and doesn’t represent all tenants. Storage facilities are available but full, he said, and PHS is working on building more.

He also said residents’ meetings were cancelled due to poor attendance and while a kitchen is available to use, most residents prefer the meals that are provided. Bathrooms in the units never had doors but residents can request them, Bond said. The public washrooms were closed because of the risk of overdoses.”

Really, I ask?


I wonder what meetings in what parallel universe I and others have been attending?   Oh, well, here goes trying to explain the story:

PHS tried to Co-opt Resident council meetings.  Here is how:  SIC Society members said they’d only move into 844 Johnson if certain things occurred, one of those things was them being able to have their own resident council meetings led by them in a community room and, since each floor had a community room, SIC suggested that each floor may want to access in what ever way they wanted that community room. “Oh yeah, sounds good” says PHS to all their request’s…

Once SIC Society were moved in and ready, and it took awhile for them to settle, they put up a poster announcing: Resident Council Meetings Tuesday 5pm, 3rd Floor Community Room.

A manager Patrick then put up a sign of his own, for real, that read: PHS Resident Council Meeting Wednesday 10 am.

Do you see the co-opt here?  That is what this is called.  It is an attack on people trying to organise.  I know another fact that I heard from a few staff way back when during the same period, when they were all thrown into a mess by Rich Coleman in order to take poverty OUT OF PUBLIC EYE!

SIC Society made poverty public!

Like this here video depicting Patrick getting busted AGAIN for Co-opting only this time for attempting the Co-Opting of the BCCLA meeting that SIC Society organised with BCCLA.

WAtch video as I call a manager Patrick out for attempting a Co-Opting of a Homeless People’s Movement, homeless people trying to organise!  Just wrong!

So, here me and Quin were putting up posters in the building and, we had just learned that Patrick had gotten in touch with BCCLA after hearing SIC Society were organising to bring them in to discuss concerns residents had regarding rights with police mostly.  Patrick tried to jump the gun and booked them, sneaky like.

SIC Society, just weeks before this video, had been gathering information from each other as residents to bring forward to BCCLA and they had questions, when we had enough residents stories gathered, we were going to then get in touch with BCCLA, it took us two weeks to gather our info. Turns out Patrick booked them before we booked them, even though we were in this process and he knew of it.

For real.   PHS and thus Patrick had their plans, SIC Society and other residents had theirs.

As many of you know, I am a member of THAW Victoria who has been filming on behalf of SIC Society since tent city was under attack, THAW is under the umbrella of the CTEHV, myself, Alison Acker and other community activist’s such as Ashley Molli, and groups such as Alliance Against Displacement, TAPS, SOLID, many diverse community members, Raging Grannies, we have all been involved with supporting SIC Society, we were invited by SIC Society to join their meetings that have been going on since shortly after they were forced out of Tent City by Rich Coleman and the police state and into the PHS building which was not ready. We been attending meetings in order to help them move forward their initiatives.

I am proud of all the members of tent city who have worked real hard to make their lives and the lives of other homeless better, at great odds and with no resources.

PHS says to the Times Columnist “No, we do not have Resident Council Meetings, we tried and they never lasted.” paraphrased.

Bert, who does not attend the SIC Society meetings, only answered in regards to the PHS meetings.  So…? PHS Resident Council meetings did not continue.  SIC Society meetings have been going since inception.

Here is a photo of one of the Resident Council Meetings at PHS that we were invited to and have been attending for months every Tuesday 5pm.

Not open to the public.