We are in a systemic crisis, one that is affecting us all so much our hearts are dragging on the ground and this system is not working!  People want to defend and protect life and each other, and to grow both personally and as a community.  More and more want to grow their own food, live simpler, heal themselves, each other and this planet.

Residents at 844 Johnson have had a great deal of loss since moving into 844 Johnson, the building that Rich Coleman pushed them into a building which was not ready and the crisis’s which would follow are becoming more and more difficult to write about, heart wrenching and yet, many of us must.  Unity is happening due to a crisis that is avoidable and we know how to heal what is needed.  Problem is system.  We can change that together.  We know we need to de criminalize illicit drugs, we know we got to get back to a community based health care and place that back into our own hands and out of the hands of Big Pharma and Corporate run Governments.

We must hold Society Accountable, there is a top down oppressive state that wants to clamp down and blame mental health WHEN we need to put blame on society, social stigma, police state, colonial systems of power over which are harming our us to the core of our very beings.

In this video:


Residents were traumatised by police….we hear Brandon early on then again at 8:44 first share that he was trying to get help from a nurse (but she was preoccupied for hours with this police event which these folks all agreed could have been dealt with a lot easier if friends were involved, all the resources on a man who was suicidal on a thursday or a friday and told PHS staff, days later SWAT show up after he is doing better.  He was hiding in his room freaked OUT by level of force sent in to deal. no matter what his file might say, these folks are correct in the idea that this would have not taken all the resources they used IF they were including community who know each other and use a social worker and not SWAT, have VICOT police on standby if you need but this?) Brandon then shares powerful words for us al, lets take them to heart.

“Us the residents and, the people, the people that live in a country.. in a nation, if we can all come together and stop with this “us and them”…  Include the ones that are getting paid to be here, you know, some of them don’t like what they have to do they don’t like what they have to do with their job, they quit their job…..some go home crying, like, you know, If we can stand together not necessarily push back but jsut say We Are Not Going To Take It Anymore, and change our ways , you know, thats it, change the way it is cause its not working for anybody.”


This other video:


…shows another incident with police and the misuse of police force: some staff and many residents were freaked out that police covered video’s camera’s for hours, that elevators were often locked down if police were looking for womone for a simple breach, as well as stairwells locked down, residents fought for their rights to have one stairwell opened and, those who did were criminalized over it!

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