This was written by a SIC member with help from others for mainland Tent City folks like Sugar Mountain, Maple Ridge’ Anita Place and Surrey, as well as Nelson, Nanaimo, etc:

Demand Documentation or DISMISS.

Write down and witness one, an “advance directive” many copies,

To avoid possibility of mental health tactics.

There are templates online.

Do NOT abandon camp. It’s an illegal Black Ops tactic.

DO photograph advance directive. Do Not give officials signed part or original AT ALL.

Maintain anonymity at all cost’s.

Do confuse as to who is residents/guests etc…

Refuse “Service Providfers”.

Include lived experience without interest’s (hard to determine).

We had 2 deaths @ camp height of fentanyl crisis in the dark.

2017 844 Johnson total 9 deaths so far and approx. $60 million to service providers.

Life and DEATH literally.

Peace (with symbol)


SIC member



Tent Cities get to chose their community supports, DTES tent cities have chosen Alliance Ending Displacement and others like CCAP, VANDU, etc,

As well here in Lkwungen Tent City folks have chosen many supporters and here is a list that Doug helped with: Dandelion Society, TAPS, Alliance Ending Displacement, THAW Victoria Lived Experience Advisory Council, and CTEHV, PIVOT, SOLID, AVI and, am I missing any other groups? We also got a hand full of individuals who been helping with different folks on both sides of water. Give cred to all who deserve it! Add any missing.