Will we witness a dethroning?  I’d love to say Bye Bye To Neo Liberals for sure.

Is Rich Coleman really gone?  I bet a months disability cheque that he is still running this Province into the ground, do NOT ignore this Kapitalist Pig Hater of our homeless, disenfranchised, First Nations, all working poor, Mothers, our Youth he says can learn how to destroy their own land with DangLiNG dead carots, the list goes on, our land, our water, he constantly wants to rub up with LNG gas whose dying cousin Oil grasp’s for air while oceans burn from radiation and Orca’s, Salmon, etc deal with tumours…


Will John be the next leader?

Will The People stay off the couch and demand systemic change like we need, like we must insure occurs?

We The People Are Rising Up.  Get Ready to Rise One Way Or Another!