Sean Manley

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Brandon Brinn
My brother Rest in peace my friend

I am very sad and heart broken for the loss in the community of our brother, spirit walker, visionary passionate loving honest…big hearted…artist…Brandon Brinn.
He is in the below thaw Victoria video, we hear his voice and not see his face, he shares and echo’s lot of my own beliefs…

Brandon Brinn did the main art at bottom of a banner that three reps on behalf of SIC Society and THAW Victoria brought over to Ten Year Tent City and presented.  I will retrieve that video/photo footage as soon as I can.  I found these two of him at tent city, there are more and we will gather them for community.



A walking stick Brandon Made while at Choices




A rock he picked for the fire at Tent City.

Photo’s by Linzy Nelson


Brandon is heard thru out this video, off and on in beginning, but mostly at 8:44…

What he shares says it all, it was really what he was about.  Love you brother, I will not stop until Decriminalisation and a Livable4All happens; Brandon and I spoke of the need for total economic change.

We love you Brandon, we will never forget.