People complaining that Small Business’s cannot afford to pay the increased minimum wage the Ontario Premiere wants to do, bringing it to 15.00 and hour:
Just goes to show why system needs social stigma, to help put blame and burden right poor and homeless!
So, what folks are saying is the poor have to carry the weight of this fucked up economic system? Just No!
Business’s need to fight and lobby government and get with an actual community based program!
Way too much individualism going on here and I am blown away at Brockville City Councillor colleague Leigh Zachary Bursey who seems to be more concerned with small business’s than the already struggling working poor, poor and homeless. We must all see at this point how critical it is that we all step the heck UP and fight for change or we risk losing what our ancestors fought for for generations now!
This 15.00 dollar minimum wage is already NOT ENOUGH TO SURVIVE ON and here are business’s stating they are suffering as well probably due to government BS so, we MUST unite the business’s and poor and working poor to fight together.
Or we all fail together…