Hey folks, if you know a PHS staff in DTES or Viktoria and beleive they really do give a shit about The People’s Movements, have them get in touch with us at THAW Victoria.
If they are trying to work within the mess or, are considering leaving or, have already left PHS and want to speak anonymously, we will help protect their anonymity.
You may already have our phone number?
(if you don’t, just ask and I can get it to you, email me thru THAW Victoria word press site, THAW Victoria Youtube site, VIMEO THAW Advocacy WAtch site…, ask a mutual friend…)
Sheeeeeit is hitting fans all over including other Top Down Housing Providers with Authoritarian models.  BC Housing seems to need a lot of help, then again, I know of condo owners who also are dealing with Top Down authoritarian models with power tripping managers!  WTF right?
So, for now, if you can vouch for a staff at PHS or any other Housing Provider (or any other Temporary Housing Situation with vulnerable criminalised people), do so.

We will only talk to those who come with a “Vouch”.  In other words, no rats or informants will get our ear you need to come with someone who can vouch for you, to say who you are, that is our protocol and our security culture.

We got to deal!  Good staff are burning out at a very fast rate due to being disempowered by a top down authoritarian model that works with police to criminalise drug users rather than rehabilitate and, they take harm reduction money yet, are colluding with police against illicit drug users, here in Viktoria anyways.  VICPD should not be involved in housing!

Hiring mental health workers to act as Soft Incarceration Front End Staff is a misuse of a persons education and skills and does not build community.

Here at Central Care Home 844 Johnson I can go on any given day and over  hear a conversation between a worker and resident that sounds like this:
Resident: “Can you help me with (such and such)?”
Staff: “We can do (this or that), “i’ll check with patrick”.”
I can write a hip hop song with this running thru it:
“i’ll check with patrick”
“i’ll check with patrick”

I see Mr Patrick’s ego getting bigger (whose wouldn’t right?) and residents getting more and more frustrated with staff who seem to have no power and  they ahve  to go to Patrick and negotiate.
He is “The Man”.
It seems that in PHS there is a manager that has to do everything, even clean the roof, insure nothing gets decided without their approval, WTF kind of disempowerment of staff is that and how fast will their own burn out arrive, right?

Big disempowerment of staff is what that is and it creates a LOT of conflicts and as more and more residents feel less and less empowered placing more and more in a unbalanced power dynamic, conflicts worsen.


Unless solidarity occurs, more and more deaths will occur due to this unhealthy power imbalance.
No consistency at the gate  makes for hell as well!  Some visitors get to come and go with no sign in or showing of ID, and others lie myself are stopped even if I go out to get a coffee and come back in.  I have been on the CTEHV for years, worked front lines for years and yet, locked out if I cannot get a hold of resident by phone and, most reidents have no phone or no buzzer system!!!

We are told the sign in and guest policy is for fire safety when, anyone who is thinking for themselves can see it is for surveillance purposes.

Many Beleive That We Must Unite, Fight and work together to Decriminalise Illicit Drugs, Fight for a Livable4All Income Guarantee / Raise The Rates and Build Homes for All Now; Including Co ops and Affordable Housing for All Working Poor!

If You Are Not Doing So, You Must See How, Like It Or Not, You Are In Collusion With This Police State Top Down Sick Society!

Poverty/Criminalisation and the fear of Poverty and Criminalisation destroys way more lives than most people care to even think about.

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Not Just The Poor Do Not Trust The Police!

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