Good job organising and thanks for sharing!  I wanted to pass on to inspire others across Canada.

Thank you Doris!

Doris Smith Power to Tenants For Social Housing: We Are NOT For $ale!
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Re: The Parkdale Rent Strike – it’s important we keep the pressure on. Keep the phone lines and inboxes of MetCap and AIMCO busy in support of the Parkdale rent strikers! Invite your friends and co-workers to do the same! If you’re nervous, just read the scripts provided below.

MetCap Contact Info & Phone Script

Brent Merrill
416-340-1600 ext 442

Darren Shaw
416-491-7600 ext 294

Guy Alberga

I am calling to express my support for the Parkdale rent strikers and their demand that MetCap withdraw its applications for above guideline rent increases at the six buildings in Parkdale. MetCap must stop applying for above guideline rent increases at the buildings and immediately carry out the necessary repairs in tenants’ units.

Parkdale tenants have the right to defend their homes and their neighbourhood. Until MetCap meets their demands I will be supporting the tenants’ ongoing actions against MetCap and its investors.

(Specific disrepair issues include: pests (cockroaches, bedbugs, rodents),
water damage, broken cabinetry, cracked or missing bathroom tiles, faulty
appliances (fridge & stove).)

AIMCo Contact Info and Phone Script

AIMCo Toronto office: 647-789-5700
James Ridout, Director of Private Equity, 780-392-3600

I am calling to support the Parkdale rent strikers in Toronto and to demand that AIMCo direct MetCap Living to withdraw the rent increases now.

These rent increases fuel gentrification and displace working class and immigrant people from their homes. This violates AIMCo’s own socially responsible investment policies. Alberta workers have no interest in kicking low-income and immigrant tenants out of their homes.