I believe that, if folks want to work, lead or just want to DO community, we really ought to help them, am I right?
Many poor on the front lines of anti poverty who are homeless or have been so, are trying to organise and can sure use your help ASAP:

Your amasing skills at Writing press release’s:

Even now we need help, please, if you are an activist and can write, please get a hold of me thawvictoria@gmail.com , Kym Hines on Facebook, kym hothead on Twitter today.

Ride in your cool vehicle occasionally:

to help pick up heavy (ten lb. bag rice for example) food item’s from say, Quadra Village to Pandora and Cook.

Resources such as: (we know this is a big one and we pray) a Mac Book Pro:

to help us with video editing work for processing homeless folks films from their experiences/perspectives and to upload them.  Thanks to Dianna Smarden we are still using an external hard drive she bought for us, SIC and THAW are still accessing, and, we now just got a 4 terabyte to add to our external hard drives which will be for the 45 minute Documentary we are doing a trailer for now.
However, the computers us poor have are having a hard time keeping up, thus the need for a Mac Book Pro, we know where we can get great refurbished ones too! Thanks for your consideration.  If you want you can give us money at CTEHV meeting, you can write a note to go with donation and say it is for THAW towards a Mac Book Pro.

Help to show and teach us the skills of organizing and syncing of our various sites such as VIMEO, WordPress and Youtube.

Help to pay for one internet access:

for a whole lot of homeless folks to access who are trying to organise but keep getting CO-OPTED at every turn by Service Providers and Gate Keepers due to systemic oppressions going unchecked.
I am kym a hines, aka hothead (due to fact I speak Out Against Injustice and Systemic Oppressions that create Social Stigma).
I am a very proud active / working member of:
CTEHV (Committee to End Homelessness Victoria, local), THAW Victoria, an Advocacy WAtch which films police interactions with homeless and citizens in need, APAG: Anti Poverty Action Group
LEAC (Lived Experience Action Committee, a National Group)
LEOHN (Lived Experience of Homelessness Network)