If you want to help our work on the front lines of anti poverty where police criminalise homeless 24-7, we can use your financial help.

I had to replace a camera and, I no longer have a second camera.  This new camera SADLY no longer has a certain Semi Zoom Wide Angle lens as I lost that when I accidentally left my camera on a bus and never got it back as it was stolen, its a long story but, I was only able to replace the camera by borrowing money,  however grateful I am,  I was evert able to replace the lens that was stolen and, it is $699.00 to replace!

Breaks my heart to not have it and, its not as good in THAW filming as I need the ability to zoom in so I can stay a safe distance away from Police.  Nowadays that is critical.  So, I need help to replace that lens and if you are able, yo can donate to that.

We are hoping to still film the documentary and THAW needs to be ready with two camera’s, we only have one now.  As soon as we start filming, we need to be out there with good gear to be safe.

I checked with our editor Darryl Whetung months back and he agreed: This is what we could use for filming on the streets and in doors, as it captures good sound quality and general fine wide angle.  It is incredible work we are doing, besides which, we also have a lot of street musicians and we’ve filmed them often and this camera also goes well with live internet video, plus, it picks up sounds great where there is a LOT of white noise, we can use this for THAW Advocacy WAtch, please, if you are able, donate to THAW for this project by going to CTEHV meetings and donate when the hat gets passed and say it is for THAW ZOOM Camera!

We can use some help on this anti poverty front line, check out our video’s on VIMEO THAW Advocacy WAtch:  https://vimeo.com/user18389550

THAW Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd2EjOzqC6bDHFHH7sIQefdbRwkxtDpQm

Here is an example of the camera work I do with homeless and when a camera such as the a ZOOM could help us in this work tremendously.  I already have one of the ZOOM XY mics, like the one in this video actually, for a ZOOM H6 which was donated to THAW, and I want to be using them both more often!

Here is a video on the ZOOM H6: