The Breakdown Social Revolution continues to break new ground and Resistance is on the rise, as is the look of Surprise, as more and more folks are figuring out the BIG SCAM done to us since birth right up to our death.  Democracy is the biggest lie in modern civilisation, as is civilisation under Imperialistic governance!

“We do not like at all that family, friends and many if not most members of global earth suffer unnecessary pain and suffering, which we ought not be allowing.  In this day and age its a downright shame in so called civilisation.  We have little control over our life or in our death.  We live in an illusion if we think otherwise and most think they are “free”. Most lives are taken by Kapitalism, colonial schools still teach hate and divide and to fear authority.  We got some work to do, decriminalise ought to be top of the list, when you start feeling more pain and western medicine begins to shove crap at you to deal with your pain, then and only then will you think back to this idea of decriminalisation and then, too late, you will know what all this is about, this movement.
“Leave humans and other life on earth alone you” is what we need to be stating clearly to our corporations we take pay cheques from or are helping destroy land with, this destructive kkkontrolling ignorant kkkapitalist greed belief system is dead and we must acknowledge or die with it!”
Anonymous Humanity