Feature Photo Courtesy Bruce Dean.

Alison Acker from the Committee To End Homelessness Victoria was invited to a SIC Society Organised Open Resident Council Meeting at Central Care Home.  Here are her thoughts.

February 28th SIC led Resident Council Meeting at Central Care Home was an eye-opener. I am delighted with Stephen Portmans help with SIC and how he is writing a letter to the UN in that might stir things up here.

This is what came through to me:

Warehousing is not social housing and no wonder the residents are pissed off and feel they were deceived.  From now on, no social housing should be built or refitted for more than 35 people and/or without the input of prospective residents on what they need.
What I came away with was a real sadness that people who had hoped for decent accommodation now had to live with a real mess:

a/  dark cement corridors,  tiny rooms and supposed common rooms  now bike storage.

b/ no input into the running of the place. no community.

c/ and no way to improve things, or find an alternative.  The only good things I saw were laundry facilities.

A letter to the UN can bring some awareness, but I don’t think it will worry Christy Clark.

It also won’t turn Central Care into reasonable   accommodation.  Too late!

Maybe we have to push City of Victoria, Cool Aid, Our Place, Portland Hotel Society, any other Service Organisation’s who wants to get into Poverty Industry into truly listening to all whom they say they build for before they build a single brick – and there are lots of plans in the works.

We must never agree to another Central Care or Rock Bay.  I have toured one of the newer and smaller Cool Aid buildings for hard to house seniors and it was so much better, with lots of resident involvement.

(FAct: when poor folks are given space of their own, they take care for it, when they are placed in a Soft Incarceration Police State, they rebel)