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Mar 2 (6 days ago)

to me
Kym thanks for writing and sorry for my delayed reply. Thanks also for your genuine curiosity about why I voted yes. I realize that you and I are positioned very differently in this situation, though I know also from our time together over the years that we both have deep care and concern for the people in our community who need help the most.

I voted yes because I don’t think that one group of people is all evil; I believe that there are good people in the police service and that the right people will be picked to be the ACT officers. I have faith in our Acting Chief and his sincere efforts to make sure that people get the help they need. I voted yes because it is a pilot project. There is some evidence that people who get attached to ACT teams get the help and housing they need and that the police have a role to play in helping. One key role the police can play is as advocates at Integrated Court, helping to convince the judge that housing and treatment rather than prison is a good solution in some cases. I voted yes because while not everyone agrees that the police can help them, there were marginalized street involved or previously street involved people who said the police had saved their lives. I voted yes because while not everyone wants the police to be in a position to help them, some people do and those some people also matter.
The police are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There is a long way to go in terms of anti bias policing, building trust with all members of the community. This will take time. I think a good way to build trust and understanding is to work together, all of us, even when it feels very hard sometimes.
Again, thanks for asking and take care,
To Respond:
BUILD HOMES NOW! Fight for housing! FIght to get money back to where it was cut, Health Care Professionals, Outreach Teams, Mental Health teams!!!!
You know this stuff yet you spew VICPD line after line?
That is why we are in this crisis, also due to this gross man here, the same one who FEEDS his LNG portfolio and IGNORES Housing:
Rich Coleman
VANCOUVER. October 14 2015. Minister Rich Coleman talks to the Vancouver Sun’s Derrik Penner during a break at the 2015 International LNG in BC Conference, Vancouver. October 14 2015. Gerry Kahrmann / PNG staff photo) ( For Prov / Sun Business ) Story by Derrik Penner 00039548A [PNG Merlin Archive]
ALSO: Any system which leaves room for so much abuse of power is “EVIL”.  That is exactly this colonial system, its judicial system,  its police system and its Prison Industrial Complex.

As we are both supposed to be “feminist”, I am appalled at your response!

AAARGH!  I need help community. I need you folks out there to help me respond to this as I am unable!  No words right now, like, UNBELIEVABLE!
I do not think any group is “evil”.  I would never use that word (except to make a point about christian punitive based judgement) but I know a certain Del Manek who would use that word while complaining about how hard people like me are on him, poor Del, poor VICPD, so hard done by.
Oh my!
Did you drink some of that purple koolaid that Del was handing out?  
People of education within Lkwungen Territory who have a memory and an ability to write, I am not only sick with pneumonia, I am sick of having to respond to these kind of unbelievably IGNORANT statement’s like these ones from within Lisa Helps response, with no real fACTS to back them up.
Just no words, I need your help.
Please comment at my blog and not just on facebook, thank you!
I believe this is critical enough to go thru the trouble of signing UP to my blog so that you can comment here and we can deal help deal with this.
Mayors in Victoria (aka the colonial hellhole within Lkwungen Territory) are seemingly UNABLE to say NO to VICPD?  Why?
Hey folks in other cities, do you have the same problem with how the Mayor is automatically Chair of the Police Board? TRAP TRAP TRAP?
I am pretty sure Lisa is repeating the Del Manek Jamie Graham propaganda that was ALL OVER THE MEDIA thanks to VICPD owning the media!  
I don’t know, what do we do in a town where folks who DO try and do a story have police hovering over them, like here at Tent City last year right after Rich Coleman pushed VICPD into tent city for 12 hr shifts and hey, did City of Victoria end up having to pay for Rich Colemans Orders? Hey?
Below is my photo of a Times Columnist Reporter who came to interview Tent City Residents and the officer in photo below was HOVERING over them with that mug on his face, listening, standing right there… Gross hey?  He really didn’t seem to enjoy his job on this day…


He got all mad at me for calling him out, that film is not on internet, saving that for the Documentary we are editing now!

He definitely enjoyed reading The Volcano more


FTP! For The People!