Managers have all got to STOP MANaging, this systemic BS is killing Life and destroying our spirits.  You managers are tools of colonial kkkontrol, a hierarchal patriarchal system of destructive kontrol, it is racist, sexist, DIVISIVE and THAT is main thing, To Divide. Look at how divided we are. We all got to stop.

I am DONE with middle class MANager types going OFF on others and now I am going OFF on you!  Deal with your own pile of shit, its just as big if not bigger than our pile that us poor folks have no choice but to have to deal with!  Police state being number one sadly, you all run around trying to hold onto your land/house, you slow down movements as you are about that pay check and u cannot help that, until you stop; you figure, as many did before you, that management positions are all justified. (as you can be such a hero to social justice).  Hello, we are would love the potential to be the hero!  We got to dismantle that middle class, just as bad as we got to dismantle the whole mess of systemic oppression we are all in, it is patriarchal, it is divisive, those are its roots and its roots got into our blood.  It is in each relationship, power, how do we handle it, are we aware in each moment?  We ought to be. That is the new thoughtful.

No one is free, and we all got to lead ourselves, GO TO YOUR OWN communities of middle class and heal, you rent to pay your land bills, that land is merely a right which was taken from others, you are all slaves jsut like we are all selves to this system, we ALL hold it up every time we pay taxes and drive alone in that gas guzzling car…

Stop acting as though you got to save us poor, you got to save yourselves first! Right?  Our working poor and working class communities have got to stop acting all “its no use, there is nothing we can do…” get over yourselves!  There is always more we can do, we ahd ancestors who survived the ice age!

Fuck guilt and defenciveness and our poor mental and emotional health, are we surprised to have such struggle? No so, what are we going to do about it?  Can we STOP?

We best be able to or we are done in for.

It is time for action.  We need to heal and we cannot heal while we destroy!  No more!

Stop acting like you know it all, stop with the judgement BS defencive state you seem to be stuck in.

Stop going so fast, just STOP!   Arrogance just is a defence, it makes too many beleive they are the only ones who get it, they are only ones who can and need to manage, turns out, we were all born for this, like it or not.

I beleive we ought to heed the advice of the Old Radical Feminism BEFORE it got all divided and stupid.

That old school radical feminism said ANti Oppression 101 is cirtical, to Network and bring as many folks together as possible and STOP MICRO MANAGING is critical, to empower is only thing we can do, now, its about action, do or die really.

Not to be all serious but, I am a realist.

My heart has broken more times than I can say, I have had “Dark Night Of The Soul” occurrences like clock work, of course many would, given the Oppressed State we all Struggle under…

I am grateful anti depressants never worked on me, in the end, we all got to deal with out them, they hurt more than help, we got to question authority.  We are changing the very system of oppression that is causing the undue stress and emotional pain most are in, to one degree or another.

I got to read Dr. Ellyn Kaschak’s last book Sight Unseen:

Sight Unseen reveals the cultural and biological realities of race, gender, and sexual orientation from the perspective of the blind. Through ten case studies and dozens of interviews, Ellyn Kaschak taps directly into the phenomenology of race, gender, and sexual orientation among blind individuals, along with the everyday epistemology of vision. Kaschak’s work reveals not only how the blind create systems of meaning out of cultural norms but also how cultural norms inform our conscious and unconscious interactions with others regardless of our physical ability to see.


Ellyn Kaschak is professor emerita of psychology at San Jose State University, as well as the editor of the journal Women and Therapy. Kaschak is one of the founders of the field of feminist psychology, which she has practiced and taught since 1972. Her many scholarly works, including the groundbreaking Engendered Lives: A New Psychology of Women’s Experience, have helped define the field. Kaschak is is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning psychologist, writer, and teacher, widely known as a speaker, human rights advocate, and an expert on women and gender.