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We must support any and all good cops in order to counter the Stephen Harper and Jamie Graham style of “Bad Kop as lead” we get a plethora of here in Vikkktoria.

I question a Police Union which makes a formal complaint to their police chief stating Elsner was “being a bully” in terms of changes he wanted them to implement; when it seems to me that the changes he was suggesting were changes many Social Justice may agree with. We must question authority and stay on top of this as the threat of fascism rears its ugly head all over!

VICPD: the Police Force That Brought You Clifford Olson, Petty Thief Turned Police Informant Turned Serial Killer.

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Chief Frank Elsner was temporarily relieved of his job due to frivolous charges in 2015.This petition is calling for him to be re-instated as Chief of Police of Victoria, BC, Canada. He has in the past displayed the most concern for the homeless, the drug addicted and those most ignored and powerless in society. He has been a credit to our community in his humanitarian views that the less advantaged people in society need to be properly housed, treated for drug problems and be given the opportunities that are available to the rest of society. He must be reinstated immediately to deal with our increasing  homelessness, drug overdoses and the rising crime rates in Victoria. He has consulted with the community in the past as to what their concerns were and took action. For example, he recommended that the speed limit for vehicles be reduced on public roads, which Victoria City Council later adopted. A number of drug trafficking arrests were made under his leadership. There has been an increase in violence from police officers towards the homeless since he was forced to take a temporary leave. This information comes from people in our group, The Committee to End Homelessness, in Victoria, BC.