The above is a direct link to our VIMEO account.

Here are some video’s you’ll find there:

This one is critical as Rich Coleman used the VICPD which helped to create a divide at Tent City by feeding an old colonial tool: Divide and Rule. How?  Thru giving some managerial power, or, the illusion of it anyways. Divide and Rule thru seeking out the “Indian Agent”, the “Uncle Tom”, the “Orange Man”, the list goes on due to fact that EVERY LAND colonisers conquered needs managers, those who fall easily to their own desire for power.

Just saying..

Here is the “Gang Squad” (thanks to Harper and Jamie Graham we have NO MORE sex crimes unit, we got this Prison Industrial Complex Feeder squad!)  illegally taking a youth away without arrest: Criminalisation of our human family:

Here is the result of Portland Hotel Society Staff working in collusion with VICPD to focus their attack on folks like members SIC Society members who formed a society while at Tent City.  These folks are resisting systemic oppression so, they get more of a concerted attack on them.

Live and Learn…lets move forward how about…?