When In Doubt, Check It Out. Not only are Police or Pigs not our friends, there are many who are in need of healing and they will attack their peers when thy are challenged. Beware the person YOU feel scared to call out due to their retaliatory hate, get help, reach out, we are everywhere…

If you hear verbally or see in print any gossip, slanderous words or pretty much anything that makes you question a comrade/ally, you got to go to that person ASAP and check it out.

Then you can deal, otherwise the hater who lashes out with such divisive slander, that person wins!

No More, we got to be on it.  During the No Olympic campaign I had to deal with little jerks faces gossiping about me and it took one year to work that one out, but, we did and, they now know

When In Doubt, Check It Out ASAP.  Be a Warrior in every way!