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Throwback a Day early:

B Channel News

by Pete Rockwell, B Channel Photo Editor

On Thursday evening, October 7, almost sixty people kneeled, squatted, and lied down on the meridian of the 900 block of Pandora St. in defiance of a bylaw amendment, passed by the Victoria city council earlier in the day.

“Homelessness and poverty rates have reached crisis levels in the city of Victoria.” said Victoria Coalition Against Poverty spokesperson Nick Montgomery. “Authorizing police to chase people out of well-lit areas where they feel safe, into invisible corners and dark alleys, is only going to make the situation worse.”

The protest was organized by a coalition of local anti-poverty groups including the Action Committee of People with Disabilities, The Committee to End Homelessness, Harm Reduction Victoria, and the Victoria Coalition Against Poverty. Impromptu speeches were made and music was played while people ate food provided by Food Not Bombs and others.

The bylaw amendment prohibits “squatting, kneeling, or lying down” on boulevards and medians from 7PM to 7AM; effectively ending camping on Pandora Green.

Phillipe Lucas, a member of the Committee to End Homelessness until his election, was the only council member to not vote in favor of the amendment.

Lucas was among a handful of people who took a turn on the megaphone at this protest, joining Committee to End Homelessness members Kym Hothead and Phil Lyons, and Victoria Coalition Against Poverty member Nick Montgomery, who entertained with some political street theatre.

“This (bylaw amendment) decision has nothing to do with traffic safety. It is an obvious attempt to sweep homeless people into less visible locations.” said Montgomery, in a VCAP press release issued the next day. “Common sense and best practices from every other city in North America demonstrate that you can’t end poverty by using police to chase people out of sight.”

B Channel Photo Editor Pete Rockwell brings us photos and audio of this gathering.

For more in-depth coverage of the new anti-camping bylaw amendment, and a look at a planned ‘beautification’ project on the 900 Pandora Block, click here or here.



bylaw-protest_25.jpgJust too bad the Transphobic/”I don’t like boundaries on me from parents” fella showed up and took a lot of our musicians time, agitating fella that he is.

Phil-Lyons.jpgOne of my mentors and the ally who helped start the CTEHV back when him and Rose Henry thot this up and Rose and I worked together.