I want to say a great big Thank You to:

Marianne Alto, Ben Isitt, Jeremy Loveday and Geof Young For Voting No To Police On Outreach.

Thank you for keeping facts in mind and not being pressured by VICPD who I beleive were bullies on the matter.

I was absolutely disgusted by the amount of Public Relations as in air time, tv time and print media were all over VICPD Interim Police Chief Del Manek, like the VICPD were paying for spots!

Well, I guess they kind of were.

Sick Shame and now we got a year to stop this when they come back and ask for more money, won’t be easy but, we got to stop them from criminalizing our homeless!

The question is, Are all the Mayors in Lkwungen always having to bow to VICPD simply due to fact they are Chair of Police Board?  

Or, is it that Lisa Helps actually got swayed by PR guy Del Manek?  Don’t you think that we all got to make sure that this is not true for the next election!  Right?

Look at how Reverend Allen Tysick was heard on radio as saying he DID NOT support Cops on outreach yet, he changed his mind!  Why?  Was it the Interim Police Chief Del Manek and his PR puppy dog eyes pressure, his pitch?  Do we not get equal time to pitch?