Please stop patrinising the local homeless and poor who are screaming their concerns over Rise of Police State, Loss of Freedoms and Loss of Ability for Free Association, yelling from sidewalks and City Hall “Beware The Threat of Fascism”…
Harsha Walia

the news about what’s happening down south is overwhelming. there are folks trying to compile resources for people looking for passage up north – hopefully that will be ready soon (including translations).

what i want to offer here is five things i think are useful context particularly for Canada:

1) While Trump is announcing the executive orders including the 90-day ban on entry (include approx 500,000 US visa-holders and also Canadian dual citizens), it was actually Obama who came up with the list of the seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. [Obama and the US govt have bombed five of these seven countries and the other two were subject to heavy sanctions]

“Obama restricted visa waivers for those seven Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen — and now, Trump is looking to bar immigration and visitors from the same list of countries.” (source:…/the-list-of-muslim-countries-trump-wants-… )

This isn’t to belabour whether Obama was ‘just as bad’ or not – but to highlight that the banality of bureaucracy intentionally masks violence. And that nothing is entirely ‘sudden’; rather, it escalates most recently in the context of sixteen years of the War on Terror.

2) There has been less attention on the refugee ban than the visa ban – both operate in tandem, of course. Trump has also ordered a halt to the Syrian refugee program indefinitely as well as a 120-day pause on ALL refugee admissions.

In the context of the global refugee crisis, this is horrendously racist and violates the basic legal and moral obligations to support ayslum seekers. Despite the fact that the US and the West typically welcome a small majority of the world’s refugees (most are hosted in the global South), this anti-refugee rhetoric mobilizes austerity logic of scarcity, the logics of ‘terror’ and ‘criminality’ (always racialized) and white/settler colonial entitlement to Indigenous lands to fuel border panics.

On the same day as Trump’s executive order, Trudeau also quietly issued a notice through Citizenship and Immigration Canada ending the policy to sponsor Syrian and Iraqi refugees by Groups of Five and Community Sponsors, stating that basically the ‘quota’ was full – a more ‘polite canadian’ way of spewing a similar racist exclusionary agenda. (source:…/depart…/media/notices/2017-01-25.asp… )

3) For refugees in the US, the Safe Third Country Agreement remains the primary barrier to making claims in Canada. This Agreement signed in 2004 disallows a majority of refugees in or traveling through the US to make a refugee claim in Canada. At one point, estimates were that over 40% of refugees trying to come to Canada were unable to make a claim as a result of the Safe Third Country Agreement. This is Canada’s own Wall or Fortress. Trudeau must revoke Safe Third Country Agreement immediately ( Sign:…/tell-trudeau-welcome-those-fleeing… and organize )

4) For US citizens wanting to claim refugee status in Canada (war resisters, Black/Muslim/POC citizens, women, queer and trans folks, dissidents), the Designated Countries of Origin (DCO) list means that those seeking refuge from the US and 40+ other countries are deemed to be ‘safe’ – making it essentially impossible to seek asylum in Canada regardless of one’s individual circumstances. In July 2015, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that this was discriminatory and Trudueau campaigned on the promise to scrap it, but of course hasn’t yet. The DCO list must also be scrapped by Trudeau immediately.

5) Trump has ordered these decisions under the guise of “extreme vetting”. Without engaging in a politics of equivalency, it is vital that Canadians not be smug about this. In addition to the above policies (just two in a matrix of dozens of exclusionary policies atop daily practices of detention and deportation), Canada’s recent regimes of Security Certificates, Barbaric Cultural Practices Act, Leitch’s proposal for Canadian Values test and more operate in and escalate a similar Islamophobic, anti-Black, anti-migrant culture.

Dutch resistance members with US 101st Airborne troops in Eindhoven, September 1944

Anti-fascism is opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals. The anti-fascist movement began in a few European countries in the 1920s, and eventually spread to other countries around the world.

With the development and spread of Italian Fascism, i.e. original fascism, the National Fascist Party‘s ideology was met with increasingly militant opposition by Italian communists and socialists. Organizations such as the Arditi del Popolo[1] and the Italian Anarchist Union[2] were born in the period 1919-1921 to combat the nationalist and fascist surge of the post-World War I period. Thus as soon as Fascism coalesced into a coherent ideology, a militant leftist opposition sprouted in response. Furthermore, in the words of historian Eric Hobsbawm, as Fascism developed and spread, a “nationalism of the left” developed in those nations threatened by Italian irredentism (e.g. the Balkans, and Albania in particular).[3] After the outbreak of World War II, the Albanian, Serbian, and Polish resistances (this latter on the wane after 1939) were instrumental in antifascist action and underground resistance. This combination of irreconcilable nationalisms and leftist partisans constitute the earliest roots of European antifascism.

The symbolism of the fasces or fascio suggested strength through unity (see Unity makes strength); a single rod is easily broken, while the bundle is very difficult to break.

It is a perfect example of the worst Co opting ever in our modern history, I think.

People come up with strength in numbers and Dictators turn it around and use it against us!  We got to realise that any great idea this system will kill UNLES WE FIGHT TO KEEP IT HEALTHY! WE GOT TO GET OUR HANDS DIRTY!