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So, that is our email address.

If you are able to go out with friends together and do some Advocacy WAtch, we need more than the immigrant bashing racist Sons Of Odin out there! We need to take care of our people, Respect.
I was reminded how tired I was back when I made this call out, made me think about how homeless family feel after years of this 24-7 police state, social stigma on streets and in the media!
For me, I been feeling the social stigma against me has really picked up since the horrible divide that I believe and witnessed the VICPD orchestrated at Tent City.
They had a LOT of resources at their finger tips like MEDIA who seem to report what ever they tell them.
I think back to the day I was asked to film for SIC Society members when HL Recycle was doing a big clean up, as they were hired to do, I like working people and often always have had good rapport.
However, in this case the hate greeted me and myself and the workers had no ability to connect as they were on the defence before we actually met.
Stigma and hate sadly plays out in our day to day under COLONIAL RULE, that rule we are all oppressed under.
The way Chrissy Brett stated on video is, I guess MEDIA made a deal and agreed to NOT film that day.  I wondered “who made a deal with who?” Did the VICPD ask that the media not come, who asked and who answered?  How owned are you media?  Kompletely is how.
The VICPD had a great relationship with the fire inspector and happily informed each other as needed to shut down tent city. Just like Vancouver, but, back to resources:, there was that horrible fellow who kept creating conflicts and even using Chrissy to create conflicts: see this video for that story:
In that video we see the ministry fellow use Chrissy to stop Bruce Dean from filming,  the tent city resident talking to Alison Acker in the film asked us to film the taking down of a spot he helped build and, his friend who lived there with others had to go and rescue his dog out of SPCA whom cops took, for some reason.  PS: Puppies and mom got back to dad and all are well.
Members of the CTEHV end up helping to get Chrissy to back down and stop being a power tripper. Police did NOTHING when Bruce asks them for assistance as she kept trying to touch his camera, she also stood in the way so he could not move his mobility aide.
Back to resources, that land lord for the Ministry of blah blah tried to get me to leave tent city at least twice. The above video link and video shows the ministry employee landlord being told in the am that I/we had a right to film, Then later that day he is involved with Bruce Dean and Chrissy gets involved again. I wonder if she was receiving a pay cheque for this work she did for Ministry, Fire and Police?  This last year it seems that the VICPD have spoken ill of me regarding the filming and the my good rapport I have on the streets both as a person who worked over years on front lines including Outreach with PEERS outreach I was hired to develop as well as Sandy Merriman House where I as one of eight original staff who created policy for the shelter back when it had a Woman’s Board and rocked!
To end on theme of VICPD and all the resources they have at their fingertips, here are two VICPD blocking a tent city resident from the Safety Meeting and also triggering James and his mental health, look at what James says before he gets up when I yell “We Need Help Here!”:

We may have lost this battle, well, we were super UNDER RESOURCED but, we are picking up our feet, tilting head upwards and moving forward, together.  Thanks for your ongoing support and involvement in your community as a whole.