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The VICPD seem to be bullying City of Victoria council while simultaneously going around spending time in media interviews they seem to get when ever they please; saying this and that about why its a good idea that ACT gets more police and they do outreach!  The press eat UP what ever they say like a chocolate buttercup!
They want both sides of their bread buttered, well, who can blame them right?  These are hard times and its a dog eat dog world right?  Look down south, you want that?
The VICPD have gone so far and low as to mis-quote the very academics working in nursing for harm reduction which supports decriminalization like Bernie Pauly (who I am sure cringed and maybe even puked in her mouth when the VICPD took quotes).  I and others were very happy to hear Susan Ables did not allow her words to be used by VICPD, we on the Committee To End Homelessness Victoria (the 1st: GVCTEH appropriated our name) do NOT support police state.  We do bring forward the voices of the poor, not the voices of service providers.  They got way more resources than we!  Have we not gotten rid of the oppressive GNA yet?
When the documentary I am now working on gets finished you will be able to sit back and watch how the VICPD were pushed by Rich Coleman into Super InTent City and managed an outstanding divide and rule job, what with all the resources pushed by Harperite’s and Graham alike: the era of the bully with top bully of the common person in BC presently being Rich Coleman, well, its kind of stunning.  They did not do this on their own, oh no, they got others to play parts that were key and still are in dividing a community!
Anyone who wants to give money to the VICPD to deal with vulnerable members of our society need to really think.  Fact is, many many middle class are homeless as you may or may not know, many do not fair that well on streets with police.  We all needed education when we hit streets, however, the children of the middle class often need way more help and are way more vulnerable to police and others who would take advantage of them.
And here is Del Manek going around bad talking Bruce Dean and I suggesting we are acting like bullies to his officers, being so mean to them by criticising them and doing things like the “THAW Advocacy WAtch” (VIMEO); helping by encouraging citizens to know their rights and keep an eye out for one another, ALL citizens, not just housed. Poor VICPD, must be so hard for them to not have free and unfettered access to stalking the criminilised poor!
Like in this video:
I wonder about all these attacks by people who purport to support the homeless, like at Super InTent City.  For example:
I was confused by post’s on facebook  from two housed supporters actually attacking Ashley Mollison stating she was “supporting violence” with her support of criminalized illicit drug users whom we know exist in the world and, one of them attacked her on the YES2SCS facebook site specifically.  Why would someone who said they were a supporter of Tent City not support at least by allowing us to support them even, the most criminalised group: illicit drug users, given the evidence base of how crilminilisation of poor and illicit drug users is a social political construct that punishes rather than help.  The VICPD seem to openly accept this as a health issue IF AND ONLY when it is “mental health” related so that, in my opinion based on what I see, they can mess with their civil liberties as they are so doing presently at Central Care Home.
The SIC Society documentary film now in editing shows a lot of strength of people and community. It also shows how housed people, became the point person for Super InTent City with the VICPD and fire and safety inspectors with the Fire Department and also Ministry staff, here we see VICPD keeping someone from a Safety meeting, please, pay attention at the fellow James whom many love and did well at Tent City, he is squatting on his haunches, all triggered by the VICPD presence and how they were upsetting Bert who was helping James, until I yell out for help to “raise the barn roof”.
Other supporters of some homeless at Tent City also wrote slanderous and potentially violence causing attacks towards women homeless residents at tent city, whom they were saying were illicit drug users on facebook social media over months.  I was relieved when Carol Romanow out of VANDU visited SIC Society and Tent City back as it was just being taken down and this stigma was at its peek, and she “weighed in” on one of the many rumours started by these supporters in regard to “gang activity” and illicit drug users.  It was also good to hear that healing may come.
I beleive the VICPD manipulated and encouraged dissent by also shitting on harm reduction by stating to some how it takes from rehab money.  
This is divide and rule at its best and, since we know for a fact that the VICPD are always seeking informants, why would we trust them with our vulnerable citizens?  Clifford Olson was a petty thief who was involved on these very streets, he was turned into an informant by VICPD and ended up becoming an arrogant out of control serial killer!  Fact is he died in privelege in jail!  He even got his cancer treatment, something all prisoners ought to get no problem but that is not the way it goes. The luxuries are saved up for the likes of Clifford Olson and Pickton!  Protected in jail till death!  The only people who suffer in jail are the poor!  Do not choose denial, stop turning away and it you think this is all a lie, look it up.  Times Columnist did the story of Clifford Olson after his death, and they state right in the article that fact!

City of Victoria asked that VIHA deal with the VICPD request, do you remember?

IF IT WERE TO GO TO VIHA then VIHA would have to deal with the very reason the VICPD are requesting the money in the first place. VIHA CUT OUTREACH and a whole lot more and did so while padding managers salaries.

Just try and get media to investigate that one, good luck, they are too busy pleasing the 1% with ongoing superficial distractions, social stigma and more from VICPD.
Now the VICPD push like the bully it really is.  As a matter of fact Bruce Dean has audio of Del Manek bad mouthing Bruce and I at my very own once a month public meeting of the CTEHV in the Our Place Chapel!  I will tell you it was a horrible feeling, however: We busted him!  He is not happy so, please follow Bruce Dean, you may not love his style as much as mine however, it is just a matter of taste and, we are both uncovering waht does not want to be uncovered, thanks.  We all have a role in taking down Imperialism and Fascism and I love Bruce Deans work around police and homeless.

I urge all council and Mayor to take heed of the 6-8 thousand women and allies who came out locally and the millions of women and their allies across Canada and the USA who have just reignited a movement around the threat of Rising Fascism, and it is all around us, here, now.

We all say NO to Bigots with potential to bring about FASCISM.
So, lets not fail here and turn around and support local fascist moves to try and push Police state onto our outreach teams, at a time when we need to end these contracts, and mark my words me must end the contracts with ACT and we will with public pressure that I can only see building now!   This is about a system not about certain people! Read:
“Zimbardo’s address exemplified how social psychology — even the most depressing studies of human weakness — can actually be inspiring. “There will come a time in your life,” he said, “when … you have the power within you, as an ordinary person, as a person who is willing to take a decision, to blow the whistle, to take action, to go the other direction and do the heroic thing.” That decision is set against the decisions to perpetrate evil or to do nothing, which is the evil of inaction. Zimbardo concluded with a thought from Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, the Russian poet imprisoned under Stalin: “The line between good and evil lies at the center of every human heart.” He added, “it is not an abstraction out there. It’s a decision you have to make every day in here.”

I ask council members to simply pay attention and feel the rising tide, feel the vibe and do not break the momentum, I worry you may be tempted to fall on the side of “chosen ignorance”, but please, do not be a careerist at a time when we need visionaries who will act. 

Just like how some of you did not pledge allegiance to the crown, do so now fully!

I ask all City of Victoria Mayor and Council Pamela Madoff, Geoff Young, Charlayne Thornton-Joe, Ben Isitt, Marianne Alto, Jeremy Loveday and mayor Lisa Helps, especially those among you who you are “community activist’s” I ask: for which community?  A “special interest group” with short lived kapitalist power or the general community of Greater Victoria who want a better life for all?  The only right thing to do is to insure money goes to Outreach for actual care of our citizens not more policing!  Just no!

I Urge You All To Throw Caution To The Winds Of Change.

No Money To Outreach. I believe that most people with any memory would prefer it goes back to where it was cut; Outreach ironically!

Now ignorance pushed by false media may help the bigots and the ensuing fascist state to acquire what they been working towards for years: police state to replace social supports!  Govern with force as the Neo Liberals Cut Cut Cut and push ahead pipeline and Site C…

We got to fight for:



Game On! Sick shit that this is, it IS it on.

as it HAS to be,

since the VICPD,

they go for the weak spots

and they attack forcefully!

They own the media show

so we got nothing and yet Go! Go! Go!

with the Poverty Show {Grateful 4 your love though}


Media says “Stigmatise Racialize”  

We got to represent for the marginalized!

Class war heating up and you keep asking “whats up”

System says those poor  / those racialised

are the threat, watch your step!

stop walking home

leaving this heavy all up to us to carry

this burden is not for us alone.