The art above comes out of Toronto Black Lives Matter movement which helped remove police from Pride Marches. We ought to do the same here in BC.

As you give all your attentions and opinions about the rising fascism and how to deal with it down south, you are missing the Rise of Fascism on the streets of Canada and for us locally Victoria, within L’kwungen Territory.

Many of us been calling out warning of this for over 20 years now.  When the Nazi’s first struck they came for the poor, those struggling with mental health and homeless.  That is what the Police State is doing in Canada for generations and now it is increasing in scary ways and NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN.  You Turn Your Backs, You Steer Clear, its shameful and dangerous for us all as community.  We support thru avoidance the creation and legislation of poverty and then stigmatize the heck outa “those people”!    We ahve all got to get some self analysis or we are lost to fascism already!
Hate to pop your bubble but, the social stigma I experienced at the powerful rally to end sexist fascist hate, was a sign of how much work we got to do locally.
The Police state and Private Security Culture, both warning signs of fascism rising around us, and how dare you criticise our youth who stand up to hate! You shoot the messenger, the protectors, the defenders like a good little english colony living in fear!
This fascist state plan has been on the books for over 20 years.
Cut healthcare, cut outreach, cut women’s centre’s cut cut cut and building up to a crescendo of fascism right under our noses gaining strength.  VICPD push push push with all the resources they already got they got a LOT of PUSH!  All this while the Sons of Odin have been on our streets and we need to deal!  VICPD are not talking about that, they talk of all the gang activity at tent city (There was no “gang activity” and the court case proved it (Gang Activity is defined as showing colours, taking an area…, NEVER HAPPENED, BUT VICPD and even those in so called social justice are saying “yeah, we got gang problems”. Those same folks are now attacking myself, Ashley Mollison and others saying lies about us “supporting violence” as we support harm reduction.  Others judge us for serving all homeless, including those addicted and in and out of jail due to this growing health crisis Dr. Gabor educates us about, the creation and legislation of poverty, health care in ruins…
Even NOW VICPD are PUSHING for Police On Outreach?  Pushing for Police as Mental Health workers.  People I know who are educated even asked me why its not a good idea since they are there on the ground. Boots on the ground.  Because that was the plan, cut cut cut, have police boots on ground and ask for money!  The Money Has Got To Go Back From Whence It Was Cut.
That means you middle class managers of many colours (mostly white and some from poverty even)  have got to let go of those privelege’s you got used to and you probably know it, this is why you are running around spending, vacationing and or “saving” but you are all definitely sensing this change a coming.  How about shedding blood for the future, you ready for that?  Many have had to do that already, in wars fought for kapitalism, for oil and gas, daily on streets police state make worse and not better or safer.  Only we all together can make this world safer.
Will you fight for your freedom?  Will you stand up now as your turn comes or, will you be a rat/informant and think you can pay for your safety still or bargain a deal with bigot bully cops?  Think again.
Fear based social media run by VICPD helps you support them to get what they want, constant lies in the media and lies whispered into ears of the ignorant and vulnerable, they are sadly a dime a dozen and the VICPD like other police forces know how to find the weak links.  We as people got to take care of all our own, call out the VICPD when we need to and right now we do, we got to hold them accountable and not let “jobism” get in your way either!
Police tend to attack the strong community based voices and support those trying to gain power over people due to low self esteem.  Colonialism creates this, the colonial schools teach it so please stop holding up in high regard this colonial education system that needs to be taken apart and rebuilt completely.
The Police all over Canada also take advantage of those who struggle with mental health as is their job to do, ask, get information, arrest, follow the laws of this land even when they are unjust! VICPD are still placing conditions to not carry illicit drug paraphernalia when they were supposed to stop that years ago!
Look here at James who the officers were intimidating in this video, shows officers jacking up a tent city resident trying to help another tent city resident who struggles, listen and watch, please: THIS is Police on outreach now in tent city and this is what they create, havoc and divide:
This one too shows how Portland Hotel Society staff, VICPD and ACT dealt with residents with mental health issues during a four hour siege:
This one shows me busting two officers who were lingering outside two folks tents for over 15 minutes, they took a step back and turn around when I came around the corner, why? They were doing something wrong is why:
And last but not least, here are two officers who were not needed came and butted in, this one is so patronizing, as someone who worked in the field, it was triggering for me how he spoke to people.  It is the residents who make sense and not the officers.  Before the camera went on a couple had a verbal fight, nothing to write home about. It ended, then these two officers came and did not listen to everybody including me say “its all good”.
If we do not take care of the marginalized many of the VICPD are sure to sweep in and offer to make them a rat.
Just think about how many VICPD hand out 20 dollar bills for “information” with poor addicted at risk homeless, FAR TOO OFTEN!  Yes, it is true!
Police state gets pushed as solution when in FACT solutions are Community Building, we need to keep a hold of and take back social spaces.
Countering police state looks like supporting the Build Homes Now campaign, Raise the Rates AND WITH THAT Livable4All Income as campaigns that really ought to be able to work alongside BUT NO we got DOGMATIC people who get in the way, slow down momentum, we build momentum on the ground and a middle class person is bound to come along and slow it down! Bureaucracy works that way.
Why not unite the two campaigns already? It is possibly the end of the world after all and, like the opening said…

If You Want To Change The World, You Got To Pay Attention To The One Around You.