Please listen to the City of Victoria recording of  Temporary Police Chief Del Manek below trying to convince City of Victoria to give VICPD mental health worker capacity!
First of all lets remember this moment, a horrible example of mental health outreach ever recorded, they are patrinising as heck.
See this video:
OMFGawd, Even today Sgt, Cockle (spelling?) went up to three men apr. mid twenty’s, across from Central Care Home I refer ot as SWAT Central, folowed them and demanded their names, when I asked if they wre being arrested, he ignored me and asked the last fellow who gave it up freely, VICPD had NO INTENTION of arresting them! He simply intimidated them all, I let them know they could ask “am i being arrested”, they did not have to give their names. Cockle was not happy but, wtf? It is the law, our rights! Once they figured this out, they walked away and thanked me.

So, the general budget increase passed (that is the $277,000 regular yearly police increase) and then the Vulnerable Populations Proposal (an additional $240,000 for two new cops to be available to the ACT teams) decision was postponed till the 26th, so that’s the night I think we should plan to go to council to speak with some members of SIC. Going to circulate an email soon urging people to send letters to City Council before the 26th.

You can see the division in the Council with Jeremy, Ben, Marianne, and Jeff not supporting it the vulnerable populations proposal. There is a high chance that this proposal will pass (5-4) unless we somehow convince Lisa, Charlayne, Margaret, Chris, or Pamela to change their minds.

(click on the Jan 9 Committee of the Whole)