Above Photo has us looking at police coming out of an office at PHS Central Care Home, they had just revealed themselves and were lingering in doorway while they were just coming out of a meeting with manager/’s one morning.  I guess it is a usual occurrence says residents.  Sorry about the bad photo, they quickly went back in after they saw the camera. There were about 5-6 of them, maybe not all officers, two I recognized went across the street for over and hour and hung out at Ageless Living.

FACT: Most everything SIC Society asked for since Tent City, Portland Hotel Society never followed up on.

Thanks to management…

Wi Fi?   Promises promises “No!”

Room To Meet in?  Promises, promises…   “No!”
Phone lines that go into their rooms be able to be accessed for folks to get their own internet and or land lines? Promises promises…   “No!”

Since residents found out no public bathrooms, they asked over and over again for them.   “No” “No” “No!” Now residents have begun to break the locked doors.  Why not public bathrooms?

Even today I was stuck for a bathroom, sometimes I ask staff and I get to use one, sometimes not?  Today, no such luck.

If a SOLID guest needs bathroom, they have to ask PHS staff to come and unlock the door. What a waste of their time to have to have permissions for every little thing even to go urinate!?  JAIL JAIL JAIL!

This practice of more and more supportive housing having to show ID all over is a sign of a fascist state rising up around us!  Neo Cons like Harper and Jamie Graham are still trying to push police state and war!  Wake up and get involved in stoping this before it is too late.

Each time any of us go into PHS buildings and are asked to show ID, OR get on a “special exemption list” from Patrick the MANager so we don’t have to get “jacked up” is ethically wrong.  Today two professionals came in and they were NOT ASKED FOR ID, NOT SIGNED IN.  I went up to staff and pointed that out as an inequity.  It stigmatises some of and not others.

I and others are now asked to show ID at door each time, unless a politician is around.  I am going to film each time I go now.  As a point.

I’d say its time for an investigation of PHS, again…

Look to corporate worlds and government offices, all in lock down, security culture is growing all over. Most citizens go along and put blinders on to deal with all the horrible jobs while a Nazi Like State comes up around us.

I filmed SWAT holding two citizens in handcuffs whom they had been witnessed tackling them to the ground out of nowhere. They were not told why or what they were being arrested for~!  That is illegal under the constitution.  But Beware, Bill C51!  I know for a fact that the person taken out of Central Care Home in this film SAWT Central has a charge under Bill C51, from before this arrest took place.  Other residents are concerned for him and themselves.

Yup, hey lawyers and social justice: how many other homeless are getting the Bill C51 thrown at them?

Another resident brought this up here:

As citizens we really ought to stop and ask ourselves, (what with glacial melts and all):

“Self: Do I want to continue to be a slave/serf with only 2 choices;  no land of my own to care for and the constant struggle for love, family, community and Life, or, to manage and quell the rebellions for that 1% just so I can have some land or dream of land and get away and have a false sense of security all the while fearing the worst…”

Working poor, working class, middle class of all three levels, we are slaves/serfs.

When They Came For The Jews” is not just a powerful poem it’s a Three Alarm Warning.  The system is not only a failure, it is meant to be!  Just like how cancer is not the enemy but the answer.  Cancer wakes up to do the job of eating poison in the body which forms tumours, cancer is the answer, not the enemy.  We got to clean up those poisons.  “There is no cure from cancer, there is only healing.” Steph L.

Socially re: Police State: Red Alarm Bells Are Going Off and most of you are fine with doing your job and getting home to what ever other distractions you use.  I get it, I jsut ask that you all get more mindful to facts you all want to avoid.

Top down corporation, top down government/’s, top down prison industrial complex, Top Down Police State Shelter and all of the “top down hierarchal system’s” are dead. Patriarchal Hierarchy is dead!

Long live natural systems of law formed by this planet way before Nimrods came about.

We are visitors In L’kwungen Territory

My apology’s as I am very tired.