Tent City residents were convinced to move into Central Care Home by Rich Coleman. They did not get most of what they asked for, however, they did get new magnets and locks put on stairwell doors to keep residents out of stairwells.

When they moved in the fire alarms were not able to be set proper for weeks or even months, and they brought this up with management and staff. I went down and heard them going off  on a regular basis as they were unable to reset for some reason.  Then one day the VICPD shut down elevators and residents were all locked in. This was a great concern to many residents. Many residents asked for the stairwell doors to be opened up, as, after the VICPD elevator incident many were traumatized.
After this arrest documented in this video, TAPS was approached for mediation to see if charges could be dropped by PHS, as, it seems that a few people may have been a part of getting that door open. Her court date is up and coming next week. Email thawvictoria@gmail.com for more information.  Go to intentcity.ca for more on Super InTent City residents as well as SIC Society.
Go to THAW Victoria on Youtube for more short video’s on SIC Society which formed on the ground at Super InTent City.
ctehv.wordpress.com and read THAW blog for even more.