By Bruce Dean

Published on Jan 3, 2017

Kym Hines & Bruce Dean Kick Cops When They’re Down;
…point out differences, and that’s not helpful, according to “Acting” Chief Del Manek.

“Acting” Police Chief Del Manek explains how Stephen Portman, Together Against Society (TAPS), was consulted regarding Super InTent City Raids and Searches.

While speaking to the public at a Committee to End Homelessness Victoria meeting, “Acting” Chief of Victoria Police, Del Manek used the opportunity to expound the virtues of the VicPD, rationalize the policing of mental health and homeless, claim that the VicPD have a good and respectful relationship with the street community, and publicly shame the efforts of fellow activist and street witness, Kym Hines, and myself.

This is the second time I’ve been compelled to file a complaint against the Chief of Police for the VicPD, over the same issue – and this is likely the first time in history that two acting police chiefs from the same Canadian police department are simultaneously facing separate MULTIPLE complaints before the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner. What’s with that?
…seriously FUBAR

“Chief Graham, as a senior police officer with a very long record of service, ought to have known and foreseen, not only that he would likely embarrass his colleagues by his conduct but that it was wrong for him to have …mocked the passengers, who appear to have been law abiding citizens, whether or not they were ‘protestors’.”
(The Honourable Jakob S. de Villiers Q.C.)
(RE: Bruce Dean vs Graham, VicPD, & OPCC)

“Every citizen has the right, perhaps the moral duty, to bring alleged
police misconduct to the attention of the appropriate authorities.”
(The Honourable Jakob S. de Villiers Q.C.)
(RE: Bruce Dean vs Graham, VicPD, & OPCC)

K&B Kick Cops: VicPD Best Police Department?