Latest video’s up on THAW Victoria for Raging Grannie ALlson Acker and others who cannot open youtube?

Was unable to go into Central Care Homes Xmas Eve, Unbelievable community divided by so called Social Service Agency by police state rules which hurt all of us!

Citizens are coming forward in support of Owen and Copper, they can use your love and support.

I am a late stage PTSD survivor and worked for over 20 years in every aspect of front lines with a great untarnished career, even I get triggered by this oppressive state which hurts us all, imagine your own child trying to organise self and the community around you and they are under constant attack by staff of a so called social service agency.  The problem is systemic and I am trying to encourage union actions!

I also been reaching out a lot to this manager and even I am frustrated and wonder what Patrick went to school for, social work or criminology?  I really want to ask him.  I have spoken to him about asbestos and he never gets back to me, is this what you need to be a manager, to put people off?  I guess it is why I avoided the management positions that came my way.  Surprised?

Happy New Year and thank you for supporting watching each others backs.  Advocacy WAtch is all about community helping community to relearn how to defend, protect and most importantly to relearn how to fight.  I am still learning since the colonial system took it away by beating it out of us for generations.