Attention Public Health, Harm Reduction and Social Justice nerds: The COWPER REPORT was a 2012 report on the BC Justice Reform Initiative. A fourth anniversary 2016 update has now been published.
The police are running our communities. They have the most funding, the most boots on the ground and are ensuring the poor, the homeless, the “addicted” have no civil rights, poor health outcomes and huge criminal records!
“Recent reports suggest that as much as 20% of all charges within the Provincial Court concern these administrative offences. The concerns expressed in 2012 about the widespread breach of conditions, and the lack of respect for the rule of law that this signifies, continue to be present. Police forces continue to believe that these charges represent an opportunity for focussed policing and that these hold out the promise of influencing offender behavior within the community in positive ways.”
This would be funny if “focussed policing” did not ruin people’s lives, especially first nations youth. 😦


I encourage the Minister to consider the following recommendations:

  1. (a)  I recommend that each justice participant give consideration to improving internal warning systems and to develop policies as to what types of intervention may occur when exceptional cases arise.
  2. (b)  I recommend the Minister refresh and clarify the mandate and membership of the BC Justice and Public Safety Council.
  3. (c)  I recommend that high priority be given to the better use of the analytical power of the business intelligence systems already created in the identification of priorities and evaluation of outcomes.
  4. (d)  I recommend the development of improved system-wide cost evaluation and reporting as part of the roll-out of projects and initiatives.
  5. (e)  I recommend the March, 2017 Strategic Plan include system-wide key performance indicators.
  6. (f)  I would recommend that s. 7 of the Act be brought into force.
  7. (g)  I recommend giving high priority to funding a systems analyst for the use of

    the Supreme Court.

  8. (h)  I recommend senior justice system leaders actively participate in increasing the public’s understanding of restorative justice and its broader use within British Columbia.