Saw the morning sunrise in the clear blue haze

At signs up in the heavens

My eyes did amaze.

So I went down to metropolis

To try and find out why

There were fifteen feathered serpents

Streaking o’er the sky

The constable was pale and drawn

Said, what is there to tell

My staff they all caught cancer

And now they live in hell

It isn’t in my budget

I’m too stressed to reason why

There’s feathered feathered serpents circling the sky

When General Maddog heard the tale

He furrowed up his brow

Saying this just isn’t happening and cannot happen now

So he roared it out from Babylon

I can’t confirm or deny

That fifteen feathered serpents

Were arming in the sky.

So now to the godly man in black

To see if he would know

Saying it’s just my job to kill the seed

I cannot make them grow

See we killed the snakes of ancient

And know we don’t know why

There’d be fifteen feathered serpents

Rushing through the sky

So I asked a man with 2 snakes on a sign

For something to be done

That feathers spread across the sky

Were blotting out the sun.

He opened up his little book


And calmly said to me

It’s all here in a gospel truth

On page number 33

He said I found for you the answer

I found the answer why

You just keep seeing serpents that are poisoning the sky

Now take 7 pills of these

And another 8 of those

And take a bit of this white powder

And stick it up your nose

And this elegant tux with the sleeves in the back

That will stop you asking why

As 15 feathered serpents

Are raking up the sky

Steph Lovatt