I was chatting a lot about pain these days.  In the hallway at Central Care Home with Lonnie and Sheldon about how Dr.Gabor Matte is coming to town in February, how CTEHV thru Alison Acker has been in touch with Gabor for years about him coming to our meeting, in the end, we may do just that and I’d want us to give precedence to harm reduction homeless users to be able to come and talk with him, those of us lived experience and especially those  living it now to be able to get into conversations and get down to bones.

I shared with Lonnie and Sheldon that “our lives as trauma informed people speak to a lot that Gabor Matte writes about, they can speak to it as much if not more as they lived it.

We can and must speak to this and share our experience strength and hope with each other and others, it is OUR lives studied after all, WE live it and know it, we do not need to learn nothing BUT that we are victims of an oppressive system, that we must organise and not just defend and fight as we do, and in that resisting we heal and we learn that we are oppressed.  We can do this.  We lose many to this oppression, police state is in our lives often at birth.  Poverty is legislated and criminalized in all colony’s of England, France, Spain, USA…  Whole lives lost due to being born into or falling into legislated poverty!?  It is the most unnecessary pain and suffering organized by systems of power for generations and we got to stop it now!

DO NOT judge outlaws who are bringing to light such atrocities as this system rails on us daily.  No One Is Free of it, sadly if you work as a guard or front line worker, you need anti oppression trainings regularly and yet get none.

Since so many of us are in it.  Broken necks, cancer healing thru alternative methods like using Phoenix Tears to heal from cancer.  Learning thru my friend that cancer is the answer, not the enemy.  It is trying to deal with poisons in our bodies, it eats the poison and that becomes tumours.  We got to deal with both getting rid of poisons and helping deal with tumours.

My pain is early degeneration, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder form early child sexual abuse and violence and systemic poverty and all the dangers it brings women, moms, all children, men, people.

Others its injury like old broken bones in necks, others it nerve pain due to being homeless and freezing feet and or hands.  The list goes on yet, drug controls brought on by Greed KKKapitalism still reigns.

Steph Lovatt: “Pain wants you to follow it to its origins. Johnny Zee has a song called “Walk Towards The Pain.”  We know what we need to do.”  

🙂 In ending, I believe we all fucking “fail” in this divide and ruled oppressive state, we are mostly all meant to, hello!

That is why I LOVE the Forward Failure movement. We can move forward and relearn what this system beat out of our cultures.  Relearn how to defend, how to protect and how to fight.

Relearning intimacy, that is the trick. Trust, that is the trick.

kym hothead