People are asking me “How can I help more direct, what can I give to poor directly?”

Give them your time, stop and talk, check in and ask, be brave. 

I’d encourage you to go and ask those you know or have connected with and see what they say they need or want. Otherwise, 

*Go and take the training on how to deal with an  overdose.

Its free and it can save a family members life.  All drug addicts have or had a mom, dad or family of one kind or another.

Help Lobby Government Provincially and Federally to Build Social Housing for 30% of Income, coop housing needs support as well. Its all been cut! Until that grande day we get it back:

*Offer them  your driveway to set up a tent or micro house unit.

This can help keep homeless family memebrs be safe and have access to an emergency phone.  If you feel comfortable and have built relationships of trust, you can invite them in for Xmas dinner, or, at least help them know when Xmas dinners are, even I sadly miss them as I do the poverty run around, and I am housed!

*You can offer them hot pockets for feet and hands.

*Wool socks, long wool underwear, wool mittens, wool     sweaters.

*Wind breakers of all kinds.

*Hand Out Feathered down sleeping bags, down jackets or  down coats with wind breaker, news papers/cardboard  are good for cold ground.

*Purchase “Hero Go Pro Cams” for THAW Victoria to help document the increased police state and loss of civil liberties.

THAW Victoria is now getting support from BCCLA for Residents at Central Care Home and PIVOT in regards to concerns over loss of civil liberties regarding the use of Red Zone Practice by police officers across Canada.  THAW Victoria is working closely with SIC Society and we are desperate for more camera’s to help document police inside buildings when SWAT are in building, especially when they cover hall camera’s so that staff cannot see down hall and help keep their residents safe!

There were folks who felt protective of me (thanks brother) and they filmed the SWAT due to how they responded to me (I hope to acquire footage, most folks know how to get a hold of me, just ask about hothead and thaw Victoria).  I am so moved in my heart to say thank you as I am moved to confront abuse of civil liberties and appreciate you watching my back.  We know that one of those young men could be our son! They are someone’s son.


*Lobby Neo Liberals, NDP and Greens provincially and Liberals, NDP and Greens federally  to Build Social Housing @ 30% of Income, Livable4All Income Now  or Raise The Rates and  Raise Minimum Wage Campaigns and Decriminalise all illicit drugs, as criminalisation IS THE reason we are in the mess we are in.

*If you really want to give to a charity Give To The Dandelion Society.

Bless you all and to all a safe year end and beginning’s to the next one!  I got a good feeling about 2017, yet, we got work to do hey?