I bought one that was on sale!

Ie action camera retail packaging

ie action camera


I can sure use your help to cover the cost’s of camera and micro chip memory card. 



$56.45 + $39.19 = $95.64

I really appreciate the help, we don’t get funding, we pass the hat and this is pretty much all for love of justice and love of civil liberties.

We also are seeking much needed assistance to get this much needed pen camera, we can only order it with a credit card online or, you can pass me the cash and I will get us one on the mainland when next I go to Vancouver for the trainings we are going to be starting inside buildings like the ones run by Portland Hotel Society, for starters.

2.7k SuperHD DVR Spy Video Pen with Mic and 60FPS Video


2.7k SuperHD DVR Spy Video Pen with Mic and 60FPS Video

1 Year Warranty
Unlimited Support

regular $299.99

on sale $199.99

Main Features

  • No Flashing LED – The LED indicator is located conveniently on the back of the pen and will only flash dimly 2 times to indicate recording has started.
  • One Button Operation – Simple and easy, to record just press one button to start.
  • HD Video & Audio – Capture brilliant 1269p HD video with sound (It may be illegal to record audio without the consent of the other party so please check your local laws)
  • Date & Time Stamp – Video has an embedded Date & Time stamp overlay in the corner of the video.  This feature can be easily turned on or off
  • Fully Functioning Pen – Not only a state-of-the-art spy gadget, the zPen is a fully functional pen with replaceable ink.
  • 1 HR Batt. Life – Built-in Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for over 60 min per charge.

If you’d like to help Advocacy WAtch, this pen can help us be safer in documenting police abuse if needed in a safer manner if things “get ugly”.

VICPD have threatened my camera twice in the last month alone, I also have proof on film of them attempting to intimidate me.  I called them out about this in a meeting with Del Manek.  Now I got to also deal with Del Manek bad talking my advocacy watch filming in public!  That is how critical this work is and, as a PWD any help is most appreciated.

I cannot stop fighting for justice, thanks to you I don’t have to.

I do not run or go away scared, I get more help and learn as I go along then pass that learning on to others.

I was just yesterday threatened with obstruction if I did not stop filming (I am working on that one now) , placing residents in Central Care Home at risk.  They placed residents at risk by also covering hallway camera’s so that staff were unable to see into a hall while SWAT took over one end of a floor for four hours.  It seems that other residents were affected negatively by tear gas, other residents rooms were entered without warrants, one resident was told to go downstairs and, “do you mind of we go into your room?” on that night. What choice does a criminalized person have when SWAT ask them when they are criminalized daily?

Here is video:

Happy holidays.

As a mini report, THAW Victoria with the help of SIC Society just started a project based on increased police state, surveillance and citizens needs to know their rights around police. With the increased police state the last ten years, many of us worry that civil liberties are at stake.  Rich Coleman seems to be working more with police than people in terms of housing.  We are not getting any social housing, no plans to build social housing, we are only getting more police involved in housing and social work, we now have Gang Squads and No More Sex Crimes Unit and jsut what I wrote so far ought to scare the heck outa you!

THAW Victoria and Cop WAtch/Cop Block Vancouver are now offering ongoing rights trainings, training on how to do advocacy watch/Cop Watch and learning together what our rights and responsibilities around filming police are so that we can better advocate for each other.