Thanks for listening to residents at Central Care Home.  Thank you for helping try and acquire answers as to what is expected of residents, their rights, why no public bathrooms, why residents seem to be caring more for consumption site needy folks who come and go and need to use a bathroom and they have no public bathroom, not even ones to monitor.

Thank You Carol James for today and Lisa Helps for the ability to go with flow December 6th at Central Care Home with BCCLA,attending and residents needing some facilitation.

This message is brought to you by SIC Society members who met with Carol James this am at 11am December 13.  She made an appointment at the most busy time of year on behalf of residents feeling under siege in Canada Lkwungen WSANEC territories.

The issue of visitors needing two pieces of ID to enter building is the ever increased police state and loss of civil liberties going on right now and most do not know it.  They practice on the poor and prepare for protest.

The ID issue is one of a few reasons it can feel like one is in a Stanford Experiment.

The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

Renowned social psychologist and creator of the “Stanford Prison Experiment,” Philip Zimbardo explores the mechanisms that make good people do bad things, how moral people can be seduced into acting immorally, and what this says about the line separating good from evil.

The Lucifer Effect explains how—and the myriad reasons why—we are all susceptible to the lure of “the dark side.” Drawing on examples from history as well as his own trailblazing research, Zimbardo details how situational forces and group dynamics can work in concert to make monsters out of decent men and women.

Here, for the first time and in detail, Zimbardo tells the full story of the Stanford Prison Experiment, the landmark study in which a group of college-student volunteers was randomly divided into “guards” and “inmates” and then placed in a mock prison environment. Within a week, the study was abandoned, as ordinary college students were transformed into either brutal, sadistic guards or emotionally broken prisoners.

By illuminating the psychological causes behind such disturbing metamorphoses, Zimbardo enables us to better understand a variety of harrowing phenomena, from corporate malfeasance to organized genocide to how once upstanding American soldiers came to abuse and torture Iraqi detainees in Abu Ghraib. He replaces the long-held notion of the “bad apple” with that of the “bad barrel”—the idea that the social setting and the system contaminate the individual, rather than the other way around.”

This is a BC wide issue, DTES is going thru similar concerns re: Wellness Checks and how they are used and on whom…PHS under BC Housing is in a mess, Rich Coleman creates crisis by refusing to build Social Housing, from Vancouver to Victoria he blames the poor, working class and even lower and middle class.