I am  a visitor under duress in Lkwungen Territory.

Alison Acker

1:12 PM (20 hours ago)

to me
The Committee to End Homelessness Victoria was unpleasantly surprised that the Vic. Students’ Union was wanting to cut its financial support to VIPIRG.  For years, VIPIRG has been helping us by spreading word of our events to students, by providing speakers, by consistently being a source of aid and solidarity.  For example,  VIPIRG played a great part in a Centennial Square meeting last fall where many of the homeless felt strong  enough to talk  about their problems with health care, education and housing.

It would be  a great shame to cut funding which enables groups like ours to build solidarity between students and   the world outside UVic.  Through VIPIRG, we have had help with  our archives, we have had speakers and very useful exchanges because we understand the financial plight of many students and it is good for all  of us to share our hopes and our solutions for a better society.

We  definitely support the important work that VIPIRG is doing.  Please keep it up.

Alison Acker
Committee To End Homelessness Victoria