What a time, day, week, and it is not over by a long shot!  I am a disability recipient and am PTSD, your patience needed.


ANd this count down!!!

The sick push at Central Care Home at 800 block of Johnson for ID requirement for visitors is another hit on Civil Liberties and many are meeting with folks all week on this as deadline is like…OMFGawd!

I got a lot out of the “hang out” time after the real intense meetings with BC Civil Liberties Association.  Residents with the help of THAW Victoria brought BCCLA to Lkwungen Territory.  I was not at all impressed with the management at PHS tho.  What is going on there?

Thanks to the staff at PHS who are attempting to move into a relationship with residents, based on mutual respect. Thanks for passing the word about how staff can be logging complaints on behalf of residents and calling out managers who are coopting people’s movements!

We can keep encouraging staff to get more involved with UNION reps.

It is the people’e movements which must lead.

I was in at least two situations whereby I had to encourage staff to log request’s/complaints/frustrations from residents especially the lack of any Public Bathrooms.

Thank you to Lisa Helps for helping yesterday (no pun intended), I was surprised about the amasing award that she brought around, that Tent City won, more on that later, somehow there were no poster’s put up for that celebration, why didn’t Patrick get posters up to let other tent city residents know Lisa Helps was coming for that specifically?  Many residents at Central Care Home seemed to have had no idea of award presentation. Just fyi on that one Lisa and community!

Here are two posters of the days bookings, yeah two events booked on the same day quiet by, well, one was coincidence, the other by co-opt design!

*The Orange One was organized by residents and THAW Victoria. *The the other organized by the management of PHS.



So, as it turned out, for the PHS booking, Lisa had booked months back to come and present an award to Tent City residnets. The BCCLA booking was added to this Lisa Helps day by Patrick, that move is a “coopting” as in jumping the gun and booking the BCCLA when they heard residents were going to book them, book it first and take idea and look like it came from them.  That is what we know happened and it’s the third time PHS staff have coopted residents organizing since they were in tent city, it IS systemic and that is NO excuse.

Enuff is enuff. We have unions for a reason, lets exercise that right or we loose it.

Many if not most residents at tent city had a sense of ownership and many formed families. It seems that Rich Coleman and his type did not like that.  The VICPD helped to divide tent city and residents are still dealing with that divide as are many community members such as myself.

Wellness Checks may be abusing rights of citizens!  PHS is also bragging about how great they are doing managing and its a LIE!  THEY ARE NOT DOING GOOD AT MANAGING TENT CITIES OR CENTRAL CARE HOME.

Just fyi!

This increased criminilisation of mental health consumers and illicit drug users is horribly worrisome. Harper initiatives pushed this to fill up prisons.  Bill C51 we ought to be worried about!

ANd Yet: Nothing can stop this movement now, nothing!

One particular family member/resident who was in the meeting with BCCLA and is a mental health consumer, shared a lot, had a lot of questions for the BCCLA person who was happy to answer, was bang on with every brilliant point and was also able to stay!  It really moved a lot of us in community. They are multiple issued and many members of their community gave this person a lot of loving boundaries and positive feedback, I’ve never seen them in social situations like this, the love, the time folks spent with him the rest of that day was a beauty to witness.

Many of us have bonded as family.   It is so real that sometimes we might feel embarrassed after such an honest show of emotions which speaks to a people under oppressive systems of power that need to be shifted and we have an opportunity now. Those who have more privelege need to listen more.  With increased police state comes more stress.

People push back and they are hit down.  We will continue to stand with them and come together as community and this unity can include staff.

I had to ask one of the managers in the meeting if they were nervous or scared and if that was maybe why they smirked a lot when ever residents expressed their frustration.  As far as ANti Oppression 101 standards, those with the least amount of privilege in the room get to have more say.

It was hard yet, the bonding and healing, the checking in and the moving forward is occurring.   In the end we all are doing what we can to bring forward our skills to this difficult but rewarding community building.

Many residents had a hard time with the intensity of the meeting as well, I think we all felt it and yet, it is what it is, none of us are perfect and we move forward.  We do not have to all be friends, we all just got to work together for a better society while mopst of us get no resources to do so..

I am wondering why SOLID is not more involved in the running of the safe consumption site?  Where is that site you are bragging about in Central Care Home and where is their bathroom?