Questions from Alison Koistra in response to my concerns:

“Have the tenants told CC management about the asbestos yet?”  

I went in and informed Patrick, a manager in front of Andy another manager and they said they would call Worksafe BC.  I let them know I blogged about it as well.

“Have they said they’ll do anything or are they stonewalling?”

Patrick and Andy both said they’d call and ask for at least an air test.  No word yet, I need to follow up!  Help!

“If the latter, do you have contacts in BC Housing who may be able to resolve this and address the safety concerns?”


“If not, could the CC tenants who saw the asbestos register their complaint by email with:”

I understand that only staff can get Worksafe BC to come and do an air quality test, they will not come if a resident calls? WTF?  I cannot beleive that rule given the initiative is going to be stronger with residents than staff right?

How residents feel is expressed thru these posters made:






This last photo is now 8 Days Until ID Is Required to get in to visit residents. As a front line worker and citizen of Victoria which resides on L’kwungen WSANEC territory, I am NOT supporting this and I and others are trying to work with residents to empower them to have their voice heard.

Can you please help?