Front line workers need debriefing care, trauma informed care for their work with overdose’s to deal with the affects.

Poor, homeless and their families living with this crilminilisation and its deathly affects are also in need of trauma informed debriefing and care.

I saw an injury on one persons finger tip, merely a sliver needing to come out, swollen and them working on it, I notice eyes that are a mix of “deer in headlights” look to complete “deep resting trance” look due to needs, its how our immunities take over to do necessary healing when needed. The body takes advantage of each moment it can to rest, strangely, even I feel I can relax when I am with this community. Is it due to my past and childhood or, is it just safer since everybody is paying way more attention?





Like it or not, the above signs are how people living it feel, it is how they are experiencing this war on them.

The Crilminilisation of their Lives Divides and we call out Systemic Lies!

It IS systemic and it means that my lively hood (I worked every aspect of front line work) hurt folks and I had to learn how to live with that or change it.