This is the welcoming sign at Central so called Care Home!  Police Fascist State is now in full on police state as its been influencing policy in social housing and community housing in Victoria aka Lkwungen Territory in apartments like the Poverty Towers otherwise known as View Towers for years now.  Social Housing building struggling with the drug problem years ago asked VICPD for help and instead of Safe Consumptions Sites Got Police State and freedoms taken.  Like the freedom to not be surveilled.  The Company which poverty pimps first twenty years plus is now trying to gentrify View Towers abandoning the poor, while inside are far too many empty units with 1400-1500 homeless?  WTF indeed, and City council after City council can do NOTHING?

Remember way back when I visited Diana at View Towers and the security tried to make me show ID?  Diana had to come down and sign me in?  I never went back due to this fascist policy.


The police state is so bad we can’t even criticise or ask to hold accountable.  Criticise, that responsibility or ability to give feedback to a person in a position of power, like a police officer who carry’s a gun, we criticise in order for there not to be abuse of power.

When we try and hold them accountable they get defencive.  Even though the VICPD brag about Accountability in their lobby at VICPD headquarters, if you try and film them to help hold them accountable, they get upset.




VICPD got rid of Sex Crimes Unit for Gang Squad Unit , shows no compassion for our citizens who struggle with health issues, struggle with being criminalized for using a pain reliever!  NO compassion for the drug addict given all the knowledge we have from research out the arsehole and also Gabor Mate!!!???  There is no excuse anymore!  Enuff!

I used photo’s below of most recent tent city eviction by police in Vancouver BC, even tho VICPD and Vancouver PD do have some differences, they BOTH evict homeless citizens when told to do so!  They are here to serve and protect private property and government. From us poor, I guess?