I was at a resident council meeting at Central Care Home and residents shared that one of them “seems to have accidentally found what looked like asbestos.  Is there asbestos in this building?”

THAW Victoria <thawvictoria@gmail.com>

Nov 15

to Lisa, Marianne, Jeremy, bcc: alisonacker,

Good day Mayor Helps,

cc Marianne Alto, Jeremy Loveday.
bcc Alison Acker, Ashley Mollison.
I am writing to you on all behalf of SIC Society residents who reside in Central Care Home who are trying to find out if asbestos was every used in their building and when it might have been removed?
Can you direct me to who or which city staff might be able to help answer this in a timely manner?
Thank you for your help in this manner.
Kim A. Hines
Nov 15

to Jonathan, Marianne, me, Jeremy
Jonathan please see below.

Lisa Helps, Victoria Mayor

Message sent from iPhone to respond promptly. Please don’t mind brevity!

Jonathan Tinney <JTinney@victoria.ca>

Nov 24 (6 days ago)

to Councillors, Jason, Colleen, me


Mayor Helps forwarded your inquiry. Building permit records were reviewed for 844 Johnson and they did not reveal any specific permit or scope of work to remove all asbestos from the building.

In general, if a building predates 1990 it should be assumed that the building contains asbestos in some form. Buildings that contain hazardous material are thought to be safe if left undisturbed and there is no requirement to remove the materials.

WorkSafe BC should be consulted for better understanding of the effective legislation around this subject.


Jonathan Tinney


Sustainable Planning & Community Development

City of Victoria
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