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Dear Kim,

Indigenous peoples in northeast British Columbia are in a desperate struggle to ensure the proposed Site C dam does not take away one of the last remaining places where they can still practice their cultures and traditions.

Kim, THANK YOU for using your voice to urge the BC and Canadian governments to stop plans that would lead to the destruction of the Peace River valley. You are helping to give this injustice the exposure it deserves.

As one of more than 60,000 people whose signature is already proudly on our petition to stop the development of the Site C dam, you know what is at stake in this campaign.

Amnesty International believes the campaign to stop Site C is so important for international human rights and justice that we’re spotlighting it in our massive worldwide event, Write for Rights, on December 10th, International Human Rights Day. That means Amnesty supporters in more than 200 countries will be sending hundreds of thousands of messages to Prime Minister Trudeau.

We invite you to seize this moment with us to amplify the cause for Indigenous rights and protect communities right here in Canada from an injustice that, if allowed to happen, cannot be undone:

1. Sign up now to Write for Rights on December 10th and commit to writing a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, or organize a group of friends to host your own letter-writing gathering for Site C.

2. See opportunities to take action against Site C during Write for Rights by sending messages of solidarity to the community of the Peace River and by joining our social media activity on December 6th and December 10th so the government hears that the public in Canada and around the world is demanding respect for Indigenous rights.

To learn more and see how vital this case is for international justice, please watch our new video on Site C prepared for Write for Rights >>

“How are we supposed to live like this?” 
 -Helen Knott, Prophet River First Nations

For community members like Helen Knott, the Peace River valley is where countless generations of ancestors have fished and hunted and are now buried. The Peace River valley is home.

The federal and provincial governments have made important commitments to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. If these promises were honoured, it would set a powerful example not just in Canada, but for the world.

That’s why this campaign is so important, and why we’re urging you to join our global campaigning for Site C on International Human Rights Day.

Last year Amnesty International supporters in more than 200 countries did more than 3.7 million actions during Write for Rights. If enough people express their passion for protecting the rights of Indigenous peoples, together we can hold the Canadian government accountable to its promises and stop the Site C Dam.

With your help, we can win this campaign!


Alex Neve
Secretary General
Amnesty International Canada

P.S. The right of the Indigenous peoples to be who they are, to maintain their ties to the lands of their ancestors and to pass on their customs and traditions to new generations is so important it is protected by treaties, the Canadian Constitution, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other international human rights law. Yet these rights have all been swept aside in the rush to build Site C.

Please go our Write for Rights campaign page a make your commitment to be a part of our campaigning on International Human Rights Day.