Published on Nov 21, 2016

I am a visitor under duress in Lkwungen Territory

I had the honour of hanging at Central Care Home last night and I asked if I can record a sisters story. Thank you for taking the time to listen, she wants help to get into Central Care Home, it breaks my heart that this kind of divide and mischance.

How a persons life is affected by our lack of organising and following the “top down” managerial process hurts us all. It only works when the managers are subversive and have been trained on how to support and build community rather than how to not support and divide community based on pure criminalization! We must allow community to be around each other and to help them where they are at to empower each other. Right? This woman is willing to go to media but will not use her face or legal name, she is a survivor of a sexual assault and wants her boundaries respected. If you can help, please email thawvictoria@gmail .com or contact Alison Acker 250-480-4854

I am a lived experience of homelessness person who has been on the CTEHV since its inception. I helped form Transform Homelessness Advocacy Watch many years ago due to an ever-increasing police state and stigma towards our poor and homeless citizens. I worked every aspect of front line services for over 20 years and am now volunteering as a PWD with PTSD who deals with chronic pain daily. I urge you to stop and take notice of what the Neo Con Harper agenda thru the VICPD are doing in your town. Getting rid of Sex Crimes Unit for the Gang Squad Unit ought to have been our first warning however, they did that change quietly and did NOT tell media whom they seem to own?
Kym A. Hines
LEAC Lived Experience Advisory Council