Published on Nov 20, 2016

I left a business on Johnson and noticed right away two security guards across the street seemingly staring at me, like obvious to me.
I jokingly pretend I am looking thru imaginary binoculars and they do not respond. That is when I take photo’s of them as they come and cross street to meet another person.
I learn from residents at Central that there is this apartment beside Central Care Home Shelter and I guess there is a floor that houses folks who are poor and I guess this woman has made sure two more security are working to help deal with these poor whom I guess are a handful for her. Not sure what her role is in this building or how it is someone managed to help insure poor get cheaper rents! I like this idea HOWEVER poor bashers do not like this idea.
I beleive it is probably a lot cheaper to teach everyone on the block who needs it about criminalization of poor, Harm Reduction Training with much needed anti oppression trainings.