Published on Nov 17, 2016

Brought to you by THAW Victoria
I was walking downtown and noticed three BC Hydro workers sitting around a table, and three others in vest’s and helmets and one old timer who seems to be only one actually working, ironic he had no vest or helmet?
I could not help but film due to curiosity about what exactly is going on here. I am aware of union safety rules and all that and yet…?

I quickly took photo’s and some short film and three more photo’s in well under a minute, then went home and noticed the one worker had given me the two handed flip of the bird aka “giving the finger” aka Fuck you!. 🙂 I was sorry I missed it. But here it is for your viewing pleasure, a BC Hydro worker flipping the double “fuck you” finger to a passerby citizen filming them at work, I was not judging just curios.
I don’t think this is a proper way for a public employee to behave, do you?